Friday, January 30, 2015


Earlier this month, I came across a rather exciting website for the Atari ST called Stonish, by Bruno Mathieu / aka ‘Brume’which attempts to feature every “Menu CD” ever made. Quite the task, I'm sure you'll agree! Many are extremely rare and some are probably lost forever so I feel this website is absolutely essential.

I contact Brume to thank him and ask for more information. Here is his kind reply:
" tries to collect all menu disks made on Atari ST. They are mainly games menus, but it will feature tools, demos and mod menus in the next months. The site provides more than 1600 disks at the moment (more to come). All disks have been tested and some of them have been repaired. The goal is, of course, to provide a safe database for all disks, but not only. Some crews didn't spread very well their disks. A lot of compilations have been lost since the 80's. So we need to fill the gap: any help is welcome ;) This is the first of the website, which will probably evolve in the next months."

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