Monday, January 19, 2015

The Curse Of Bolda

The Curse Of Bolda is a scrolling platformer developed by Ben Pritchard for FloppyShop's platinum range. Kevin is the star once again and he's got five large levels to explore with each one split into three stages. The first two stages are free-roaming worlds with which to collect jewels, shoot monsters and solve basic puzzles such as opening locked doors and operating platforms. Tools can be collected and (using the function keys) can provide a variety of uses - like a jetpack!! The final third stages are an automated arena where Kevin must manoeuver through the hazards, collecting yet more jewels until he reaches the big-bad scary rock demon, Bolda!

This is a great platformer but poor old STOS struggles to deliver fast scrolling on a stock 8Mhz computer so set your emulator to 16Mhz. Better still, play using a Mega STe, Falcon or an upgraded ST for the ultimate experience which will be perfect as if the game was specifically designed for the extra clock cycles. Also, STfm/STe peeps will enjoy sweet chip music during gameplay but lucky STe dudes also get sampled effects using the DMA hardware.

The Curse Of Bolda is a good platformer that offers many hours of enjoyment and I've really enjoyed it [on my Mega STe]. Update: thanks to the kindness of Ben Pritchard, the full version is now available for free!

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