Sunday, September 13, 2015


Mr RockABIT keeps on fanning the fuji flames with some amazing posts and lately some spectacular interviews! About a week ago, I was just about to feature his latest playlist (above) and then I thought to myself, "What's his story?" and just what is it that makes this guy tick? I wondered if he would care to spill the beans and being an awesome ST guy, he said yes and here is his response :
" the Atari ST came into my hands in 1987 I was very much interested in doing screen design with it: "Pixel art“ so to speak. In the beginning 90s I joined the Demogroup STAX and so Neochrome became my best friend for the next three years. Imagine a constant clicking for days and hours - that was me. Working with the mice on the Atari ST indeed was a pretty loud job, because it lacked the use of microswitches. The Advertisement said „Power without the Price“. Many fonts, logos and animations later we released our one and only Megademo called Revolution. Surely it wasn’t one. But for us (Matt, Mike, Tyan and me) it was an unforgettable experience. I quit the group in 1995 after Ataris Sales strategy was becoming more worse and never touched an STe nor a Falcon, although I watched some systems on the Fried Bits Coding Convention with very nice demos running.
I studied visual arts then. Many Years later I rediscovered the demoscene via internet and caught myself listening to the old chiptunes again. I was constantly downloading Atari ST and C64 stuff, also creating some stereo-versions for CDs to hear it on a Hifi system. Yes, the music can preserve the memories of intense times. In the meantime I have rebought and refurbished those Homecomputers and improved the audio stage to clean up the analogue output.
With the RockABIT Soundcloud I want to preserve the original sound of the machines - apart from emulators and software synthesizers - but also inspire the Nintendo generation to get in use of more variety from the past. Because I was so deeply connected to the Atari ST, with it’s very limited (sound) capabilities, I always have been amazed about the will and creativity to break those limits. Nowadays dealing with something very limited has not only become a sport under programmers, but it also trains the mind to overcome the usual thinking path. Something very useful I think.
RockABIT is 41 years old and working as a journalist (audio technology) in Germany."

So, as an old member of STAX, I was immediately intrigued and asked for more information whilst I also went for a wander on Demozoo to see what I could find out. As 'Sodan' you will see that his graphical resumé is impressive! He also worked on H-Mec 2 which is one of my favourite Pacman clones on the Atari STe! Okay, I couldn't leave without recording a video for AtariCrypt's youtube channel and he's credited for his graphical works on the Atari ST demo Revolution (1992). My greetings to RockABIT - check him out on Soundcloud yourself and say hello!

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