Saturday, January 27, 2018


Jamie Hamshere (aka junosix) has released an Atari STe upgrade of Klax with sampled sound effects taken from the arcade game. Now, I've played very little but it's essentially a "3D" take on the Tetris idea released in 1990 by Domark. Once again, we're stacking piles of coloured tiles but now they travel towards us rather than falling down our screen. Drop these into your bin making sure they are stacked vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Sounds simple but it's brutal demanding quick thinking and lightning-fast reactions, so I failed miserably because I'm rubbish at Klax!!

This is a fabulous upgrade to replaces the drab chip sounds and transforms the game by leaps and bounds. I'm sure Tetris fans and brainteaser addicts will love Klax but it isn't my cuppa tea if I'm honest. Tiny brain, you see...


 - AtariMania hosts both the boring old original and this spanky new Atari STe game.
 - Jamie is the same guy working on Droid and no that project has NOT been abandoned.
 - If, like me, you suck at Klax then hitting key '4' takes you to the final level... good luck!

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