Sunday, March 15, 2015

Atari Falcon 040

Update: I broke this installation (oops) but I've since replaced it.
So clickety click right here :-)

I finally found a use for my old MacBook - turn it into an Atari Falcon using Aranym!

I've now installed MiNT OS and it runs at lightening speeds, featuring FreeMiNT / MyAES / XaAES / fVDI / file-system integration with my iMac, and much more. Basically, it's a virtual Atari Falcon 040 and a fast one at that - try it with AFROS. This is a good basic installation and it can be done in five easy steps :

   1) Go onto the Aranym website and download it along with AFROS.
   2) Copy the Aranym apps into the /Applications folder.
   3) Create a folder inside your $HOME/Documents folder called "Aranym_files"
   4) Unpack the AFROS download and place 'config’, ‘drive_c’, ‘system’ into "Aranym_files" folder.
   5) Stop - Don't forget to read the docs!

Aranym -
EasyAraMint - emaappsarch
Clocky -
Teradesk -
AtarICQ -



Doom running on my virtual Atari Falcon --> pmdoom by Patrice Mandin
( sorry about the laggy capture - this is due to my very old MacBook struggling to record.
Please do note, that this OLD MacBook ran the Doom beautifully smooth at max fps )

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