Sunday, June 28, 2015

Die Die My Darling

This morning I powered on the Atari ST and decided to pick a platform game of extreme quality and one that is also bucket loads of fun. I remember buying Ghosts 'N Goblins from the local computer shop and after looking at all the pictures on the box, I was completely wow'd and knew this game was going to be awesome.

Okay, I think we all know where this is heading? You've already guessed that I suck badly at this game, right? How annoying it is to have saved up, bought it and yet be so quickly disappointed in the end. Over and over I died. At least I got passed that first red goblin (the annoying thing normally beats me to a pulp). Yep, for some odd reason I nailed it and continued on with my game - but it was all downhill afterwards from those spooky ghost thingamajigs in the woods. ARGHH!!! I have to ask, are you guys able to play this game better? Or is it just me! Okay, it's just me...