Tuesday, June 23, 2015


No, I don't mean Be Back Soon but in fact Bulletin Board System!

I'm taking you back to a time when there was no internet (okay there was...) and if you needed to communicate to the rest of your online world it was generally via a privately run BBS with high telephone bills to follow. I remember using my old 2600 modem to dial into my favourite BBS ran by a friend from Derbyshire, England and would use it for information, chat, news groups, and also grabbing files. FidoNet, AtariNet and NeST - how things have changed!

Today, I came across an intro for the old Animal Mines Dreamscape BBS (I was tempted to ring the number!) :-)

But don't walk away just yet, as the BBS thang still exists today and there are lots of servers out there ran by dedicated people that are obviously high on geek factor 9. For example, the superb DarkForce BBS ran by DarkLord and it's accessible using telnet! Check out his website for the information. Connection to his BBS can be made using your preferred CLI application, so this is easy on my iMac using the Terminal.app and it'll work fine in MiNT OS as well - see the pics below and click them.

The sysop is absolutely awesome and a friendly chap to boot, but aren't all Atarians? Don't expect an agonisingly slow dial-up connection but the awesome old-time experience is still there. Give DarkForce BBS a try!