Friday, June 26, 2015

R-Type Deluxe

R-Type is a game that means so much to me for a couple of personal reasons. Firstly, because I consider it to be a great arcade shooter. Secondly, it was bought for me for my 17th birthday by my parents!

After coming over from the ZX Spectrum world, you can imagine how blown away I was by the visuals and gameplay? It was almost like having your very own arcade machine! However, as much as I loved R-Type I would also struggle to get off level two. Sure, it looks and sounds superb but underneath all that 16-bit glitz I personally thought R-Type was a tough game.

Now, what if you could take this old classic and make it even better? How about a version dedicated for the enhanced Atari STe that makes use of all that extra hardware - the Blitter, hardware scrolling and more! One guy is doing just that, Stephen Jones (aka Bod!) is grafting hard to write the most advanced version of R-Type ever. He is progressing nicely and will often tease the Atari community with regular updates and some incredible screenshots. The pictures you see below were kindly sent my Bod for AtariCrypt (so click on them!)

Needless to say, I'm extremely eager to see this game released! I wish him much success because I personally feel R-Type for the Atari STE will be BIG NEWS!! Take a look at this video recording and then watch this space . . .