Tuesday, July 21, 2015

about me

I thought it might be "interesting" to provide some background information about myself for you folk living on Island Fuji? If you didn't know already, my name is Steve and I've been an Atari ST nutter since 1987 after previously owning various models of the ZX Spectrum. My new ST came with a ton of exciting games like Xenon, Buggy Boy and Beyond The Ice Palace and none of them had colour clash nor bleeper sound effects!!

I still regard the Atari ST as my first real computer that helped me during my college years learn various skills, office apps, art, programming, DTP, and networking. I owned it for a couple of years before replacing it with the STe and, by the early 90s, I was working and could afford to venture deeper into paradise. This meant I could afford a Mega 1 ST, a 2nd-hand Atari TT and a couple of Falcon's - happy days. However, I reached my end with Atari and by 1997 had upgraded to the Apple Mac. This was a whole new world but also felt like a natural progression within a similar look and feel. Plus, this beast had so much processing muscle I could finally play Doom at a decent framerate and I also discovered another game called Myth The Fallen Lords. These, I still play to this day because they are timeless classics that are still supported for today's modern computers.

Fast forwarding a couple more years, I met my better half and we got our first house. So something had to give and, lucky for anyone but me, I sold all of my Atari hardware. Yep, what a sucker and believe me when I say that I regret this. Oh, how I wish I had a TT or a Falcon today. Okay, I never truly abandoned the ST because I kept on gaming using emulators, but it's never the same. Strangely, in 2013 something silly happened - I begin to take an interest in making ST gaming videos and writing silly little reviews. Eventually, I began to write the waffle you can read right here on AtariCrypt. And that's my story, cut very short. Are you still awake?

It's fantastic to see the Atari ST scene alive and kicking today. I hope my humble website can be a part of this because I do feel the need to "give back" to our great community. Thank you to everyone that stops by here - I'm always interested in comments and suggestions but I'm far more interested in you Atari ST guys. So say hello . . . stay Atari ST :-)