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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

How to emulate the Atari ST

Like most people, I've spent the recent years emulating an Atari ST and, since starting AtariCrypt, I have also been asked tons of questions about emulation. These questions are usually about TOS versions and the various settings within Hatari. So let's keep this simple for a real-basic outline of what you should know to get started playing the awesome range of Atari ST games on your Mac (PC/Linux should be the same but I cannot confirm)

Firstly, there are two basic models of the Atari ST. The original Atari ST and the enhanced Atari STE (Blitter, more colours, DMA audio, analogue controls, hardware scrolling, a newer version of the OS)

1) If you want to play a commercial game then the chances are it'll be for the original Atari ST model.
2) If you want to delve in deeper (shareware, music, demos) then you should probably emulate the Atari STe.

ST/e specs?

1) For the ST, I would recommend you choose 1 or 2mb RAM and run with TOS 1.04 (sometimes TOS 1.02)
2) For the STe, I would recommend you chose 1 or 2mb RAM but run with TOS 1.62 (rarely does this alter)

For the most part, these settings will work really well. I personally tend to stick with a basic setup of Atari STe with 2mb RAM and TOS 1.62 to play floppy disk games. And possibly 4mb for some hard disk-based games.

So what should you download?

1) Download the emulator itself - Hatari or NoSTalgia (major update due soon)
2) Grab yourself a copy of The Operating System (TOS) and there are lots listed on ATARIWorld.
3) Many websites have lots of ST floppies to download but the best is Stonish and Old Games Finder links to many online archives. Hard disk games are available from 8BitChip and D-Bug (use Gemdos as seen in the first pic)

My own Hatari settings!

I have captured several screenshots of my own Hatari preferences. Okay, there is nothing mind-blowing here, I simply hoped this might be of some use to any newcomers. Any questions then feel free to comment below:

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