Friday, September 18, 2015

Anarcho Ride

From the creator of the awesome Laserball game comes yet another release but this time it's specifically for the Atari STe and Atari Falcon.  Anarcho is a racing game with a difference: there are no serious elements whatsoever because it's all about having fun! So slide and crash your way into anything and everything for the points!!

Bear in mind that this is an early beta release from his old GFA Basic code that was recently discovered but there have already been substantial gains with the re/programming recently. Especially with technical aspects like the DMA sounds, and also lots of gameplay functions too. This has been a pleasure to beta test, as Thomas is such a talented guy with a passion for the Atari computers! So it's great fun to play right now & will only get better - I'm loving it!

UPDATE : the game is now available for download!!!! ( link )