Tuesday, September 08, 2015


Do you fancy a gander at a website that's absolutely full to the brim with ST awesomeness by a tech wizard who has also obviously spent many years in the muddied trenches of the Atari ST hardware battlegrounds. I'm talking about someone that I've spent a lot of time talking too lately and he's a darn cool chap - Exxos.

He upgrades hardware / sells it and has also helped catalogue a huge database of STOS related material. Exxos knows his STuff and I am utterly flabbergasted by his site as it's certainly stuffed full of goodies and I'm currently working my way through the STOS pages. There's lots more, like the cover disks of ST Format and the entire Automation library. Heck, you can even hear his own tunes - which are excellent. A marvellous Atari ST resource!