Friday, December 11, 2015


If there is one name which helps to sum up my exciting entrance into my new Atari ST life, it's gotta be Xenon. Such an iconic release and, coming over from the colour-clash Spectrum, Xenon blew me away. The quality was mind-boggling.

It was literally one of the first games that I carefully slid inside my new floppy drive and I didn't not knowing what to expect. Well, it was a jaw-dropping moment with those incredible graphics and the outstanding Dave Whittaker tunes. I had truly entered into another realm and it's a feeling which I shall never forget. I honestly don't think the "kids today" will ever experience similar compared to us 80s kids!

The graphics are lovely but actually are pretty simple, when you think about it. Especially in comparison to the sequel or most other games that later appeared but they manage to charm the socks off you and still have class today. The audio is beautiful and it's impressive what the old YM chip can crank out, I still love the sound of the laser to this day.

Gameplay starts off pretty well balanced with many baddies over quite a short level. Then there is a rather weird ball-like Alien ship to try and kill - which takes a lot long that you realise. Don't forget to waggle that joystick and flip your 'tank' into an aircraft at any time you choose. The following levels are very difficult and I doubt I'll ever manage to complete the game without using cheats. Xenon is brilliance in gaming form - a true Atari ST classic.


 - D-Bug has a fantastic version of Xenon available to download.
 - 8BitChip has Xenon converted to run off hard drives.