Monday, May 16, 2016

Happy STE coding

Douglas Little (aka dml) is a respected name in the Atari world, to say the very least and I'm also pretty sure this guy doesn't sleep very much! He has recently been running with a new project which will ultimately create the groundwork for an ultra smooth screen scrolling engine, and one with lots more colours and in overscan.

I recently contacted Doug and asked him a few questions about his intentions for such a potentially lucrative idea. He is hopeful that, once completed, other people in Atari Land will come forward to use his code within their games which should save them lots of time. His main goal is to encourage new games development, which is a wonderful idea (I certainly hope this works).

I gotta take my hat off to Doug, this is the guy who has already done so much and yet he continues to push the platform even today. Heck, he even hinted that he might attempt a bash at creating a game himself in the future.... a faint hint but I'll take it! Okay, I'm sure you are now able to imagine the immense possibilities? Plus it will be freely available, thus giving our computer platform a massive opportunity for an amazing future. OutSTanding STuff!

Watch my video recording (in HD for a better framerate) but please do remember this is a preview of a work-in-progress. You may notice a little scrolling judder - but this is because of YouTube and not the game itself. As always, best played on a real Atari computer. Read the thread over on Atari-Forum where you can also find a download.