Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Top of the pops

FTL : Bruce Webster, Nancy Holder & Wayne Holder

I'm often asked what are the best Atari ST games and sometimes what are my own personal Top 10. This is pretty much an impossible question to answer because, no matter how much I might try, the list changes almost daily. There are simply far too many excellent games to choose from but, with a little push, I can think of two worthy titles... What about the magnificent Oids and, of course, the mighty classic - Dungeon Master!

I've been in the middle of writing something for both games for several months now (yes I'm that slow) and it then dawned on me that FTL is probably my favourite company. Sure, they released few titles but what they did produce are absolute gems and nobody in their right mind could ever even try to deny that. The previously mentioned games are outright legends which broke the mould to create a fresh groundwork for so many future games. Okay, more so Dungeon Master but Oids is (IMHO) the best in its genre and by a long shot too. They also released a couple more games for the Atari ST and there is even an unreleased title called RVP which I would love to know more about... AtariMania has everything listed in their database and Wikipedia have lots to read.

FTL are true retro gaming legends and they were best on the Atari ST.