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Saturday, May 14, 2016


Zynaps was released by the mighty Hewson back in 1988 and is a brilliant shoot 'em up. The smooth scrolling graphics are lovely and they're accompanied by equally great sound effects. Heck, even the title music is memorable (and I'll be humming it all day now). Trouble is this, Zynaps is one tough cookie and will push even the most gifted player to his limit. I feel the game just needed more lives as I am sick of seeing that 'Game Over' screen!

So, let's do just that and enable infinite lives... <evil laugh>
Right now, I am playing on level 3 and it's superb - I have never EVER got this far before. An amazing game!


 - Klaz' Hideaway has created a version which can be installed to floppy and hard drive.
 - I recorded two videos, watch if you dare! (video 1 & video 2)


  1. Great work ! I hope that you'll get the success you deserve. All the best from a soundchip composer (Doclands from the Overlanders), by 1988-1992.

    1. Hey hello there!! Honoured you popped by to my website. Great to hear from you :)