Saturday, July 23, 2016


Victor Bruhn recently wrote on Atari-Forum to say that a full version of his 1994 Atari STe shareware game was now freely up for grabs. So I did just that and I have been enjoying Winglord for the last couple of days.

This is basically Joust with cool extras like a nifty little missile mayhem which is a great idea. As you can imagine, the player needs to poke his way to victory through a number of levels either in co-op or on your lonesome. Gameplay is pretty much as you would expect as you frantically flap your way around a screen which contains ledges and lots of enemies to slice into oblivion. The jousting dudes enter the arena using sliding doors at the top of the screen so stay high and use Mister Ed the best you can to kill each opponent!

Victor programmed Winglord using his Atari STe and as such it uses the Blitter and also the DMA audio hardware for more interesting sound effects. Thankfully, it will still work on the older pre-STe models but only with minimalistic sounds and the chance of possible visual oddities, so YMMV. Please read the documentation because handy tips are included along with other instructions like how to adjust your flap power of which, I prefer the lower setting.

Winglord might not look quite as pretty as Joust but I'm sure fans will still love it. The gameplay is far more frantic and comes with a few nice "STe" bells and whistles to set it aside from the original, whilst still remaining faithful. It's hard to believe this was once shareware and not commercial because Winglord is downright awesome!


 - Download directly from Victor's thread over on the Atari-Forum website.
 - I have made a backup copy which I'm keeping on my own Dropbox - I take no chances!
 - IF you're somehow curious to play the pre-registered demo version then clickety click here.
 - I'm hardly the best jouster but 28,600 is my high-score. So beat that! ;^)

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