Saturday, July 23, 2016


Victor Bruhn recently posted on Atari-Forum and kindly gave away -for free- the full version of his 1994 Atari STe shareware game, Winglord. It's still based on the awesome Joust arcade game, of course, but now also features support for one or two players and with the option of human or computer opponents. Which is awesome.

In Winglord, jousters enter the arena via sliding doors so stay high and use Mister Ed to poke each opponent to death. We now have missiles (a superb idea) and the STe is utilised well with Blitted graphics and DMA sounds. Make sure you read the documentation because it includes handy tips along with instructions for adjusting flap power. This brings it in line with either the ST original or the arcade. Whichever takes your fancy (I prefer high).

Winglord might not look quite as pretty as Joust but I'm sure fans will still love it. The gameplay is far more frantic and comes with a few nice "STe" bells and whistles to set it aside from the original, whilst remaining faithful. It's hard to believe this was once shareware and not commercial because Winglord is downright fantastic. Top marks!!

Also - I have a backup copy on my own Dropbox. Yup, I take no chances with quality ST software!!

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