Friday, September 30, 2016


If there was ever a KILLER shoot 'em up - this is it. Phobia was developed by none other than Antony Crowther and released by ImageWorks in 1989. It's a horizontally scrolling game with a difficulty level like nothing I have ever experienced before and that is a shame because it has all the hallmarks of a potentially outstanding shooter.

Well, I won't allow a meagre thing like an obscenely difficult game get in the way of a good deal and today, I received my sealed copy of Phobia which I won for 99 pence. To think it has been sealed for 27 years and is in such a pristine condition!! Of course, I now have a hellish night ahead of me with intense gaming frustration (why do I do this?)


 - ST Format issue #1 has a review and even they weren't tough enough!
 - The mighty D-Bug has created an awesome download which supports cheats and hard drive installation!
 - All floppy disk images are downloadable via Old Games Finder website.
 - Here is a fantastic video recording by Stefan Lindberg on YouTube.
 - Phobia is listed within the AtariMania database website.
 - UPDATE .... my tweet after playing Phobia ;^)