Sunday, September 04, 2016

Pole Position

It is always brilliant to hear of new games in development for the Atari ST and Pole Position is one such project which I have been closely watching, for what seems like decades! It's developed by Jonathan Thomas, who originally posted news of it on Atari-Forum back in early 2014 and then also graced us with videos on his YouTube channel. To say I was extremely eager to see this completed is an understatement!

Unfortunately, as is often the case, life gets in the way of even our love for Atari ST and I soon began to hear nothing from him for many months. However, I never give up and always try to offer any kind of support I can to get a brand new game released for the best 16-bit computer on the planet! (I know, some call it pestering)

Jonathan has today updated his forum thread with information, a beta download and also news of his request for help to see his hard work fulfilled. As you can see in the animation above, it is incomplete and there are bugs but the framerate is high with most of the game finished. Sprite scaling, Blitter support and extra on-screen colours are all used - it plays like the real thing because of reverse engineered code from the original arcade machine. Heck, the latest version includes new graphics and also lots of DMA samples ripped directly from the arcade machine!

We are so close to seeing a fully working and beautiful version of Pole Position on the Atari ST. I hope somebody helps to get this Work-In-Progress finally complete. Right then enough talk, let's play Pole Position! #awesome


 - Here is what you've been waiting for - the download link of the latest version :-)
 - The Atari-Forum thread that has lots of information.
 - Jonathan also has YouTube channel with lots of beta videos.
 - AtariMania features Pole Position within their ST database website.