Saturday, October 22, 2016

join our clubs?

Facebook sucks! Yep, I'm hardly the biggest fan of social media but there are some incredible people in their Atari ST groups so it might be worthwhile getting yourself an account? Especially as we now have a couple of new groups which are buzzing with 16-bit geeks! It's brilliant to see the community alive so check 'em all out, folks.

  •  Atari ST Demoscene - the only group for everything about the #demoscne
  •  Atari ST and STe Users - a massive userbase full of amazing ST fans.
  •  Green Meditations - the new kid on the block who is eager to please and STuffed full of ST love.
  •  STatariART - another brand new group dedicated to your appreciate and artistic talent!
  •  Mega STE Users - specifically for those lucky owners or anyone else interested in this superb computer!
  • - Yep a closed group for one of the best Atari websites.
  •  Atari ST Anthology - I couldn't end without including this group of the creative people...