Friday, November 04, 2016

Hatari v2.0.0

ALERT : a new version of the Hatari emulator has just been released!! :-)
Major highlights are :
  ->  Hatari can use SDL2, this will take advantage of HW acceleration and enhance performance OSX.
  ->  Hatari now uses one single CPU core for all machines (ST, STE, TT, Falcon).
  ->  Video emulation now supports the 4 STF wakeup states for MMU/GLUE and a much more accurate state machine for border removal.
  ->  CPU emulation was improved a lot by using WinUAE's CPU and fixing some low level behaviour : IACK sequence, exception/interrupt stacking, 2 cycle accesses, bus accesses timing depending on memory region, instruction pairing, ...
  ->  Falcon DMA sound was fixed.
  ->  New support for MegaST and MegaSTE machine types.
  ->  Improvements to Gemdos HD emulation.
  ->  SDL UI reworked with more options.
  ->  Resizable window when using SDL2 (using HW acceleration)

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