Thursday, December 29, 2016


Droid is a platform-shooter released for the Atari ST in 1991 by the distinctively titled M.P. Lord. You are a robot mech who is apparently lost within a catacomb of well-armed caverns and the aim is simple: escape! It might look familiar but forget you saw that Psygnosis game as you explore and kill all the metallic baddies along your journey. This was one of the most popular public domain games on the ST and even gave us a sequel released in 1994. However, neither game uses the enhanced hardware lurking within the Atari STe which was disappointing.

Today, that changes because Jamie Hamshere is working on an upgraded game which will utilise the enhanced hardware to feature smooth 50fps hardware scrolling, Blitted sprites, and DMA sample sounds. The results are truly outstanding. You can download the early-beta release and have a play yourself. Please remember that this is unfinished and he still has much more hard work left to do. However, it's a tremendous improvement over the original which was already an incredible game. I wish Jamie well with his piece of STe magic ... watch this space, folks!!

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