Thursday, December 29, 2016


Droid is a platform-shooter for the Atari ST by M.P. Lord about a robot who needs to escape from within fortified catacombs. It's a simple idea which looks (umm) familiar and it was a very popular public domain game which had a sequel released in 1994. Sadly, neither made use of the enhanced hardware inside the Atari STe...

Well, rolling on in Jamie Hamshere who begun working on an upgraded version designed to use the hardware scrolling, Blitter and DMA Audio. The results are outstanding and there's an early beta available to download. As a WIP, this is starting to look amazing and I cannot wait to see future updates!! Watch this space...

- Update April 2020 -

* WooHoo!! A brand new beta is available to download!
* Jamie has also posted a couple of videos on his YouTube channel.

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