Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Adventurer's Box Art

I love sharing my collection with you guys and today is an extra special day - so get ready to note it in your calendar! Okay, not one... Not two... Not even three... NO!!! We have 4 boxes from my ST collection for our ever-growing "Box Art" section. So please try not to drool much because I don't wish to ruin the covers! :o)


First up, is Heimdall with its has excellent cartoon-style visuals and a funny storyline depicting life as a Viking demi-god on a brave mission. Three silly games need to be mastered before you can choose a decent crew of dodgy-looking characters - I dare you not to giggle during that axe throwing contest!

Sadly, this feels like a lame Amiga port that was rushed through. I feel a lot more could have been done - especially considering the Ram requirements. Don't mention the scrolling and lacking sounds... However, this doesn't distract from what is ultimately a humorous and crazy adventure through Norse mythology. I like this one!


Drakkhen was a Christmas present from my wife and is in beautiful condition. The box I mean, not the wife! ;-) Okay, there are a few scuffs on the rear but I shouldn't complain because it's pretty neat and with all contents!

This is a real-time RPG which involves four chosen characters and much dragon slaying. Most certainly one of my prized possessions and something I strongly recommend. I hope to review this one day soon!


Now, this is a game that could so easily be overlooked as a meagre Dungeon Master ripoff - set in space. But it's far more than that and offers a great real-time RPG set onboard the Atargis which is an abandoned space station.

The dude on the cover makes me think of Speedball... Can anybody see that? Okay, ignoring that amazing tidbit, this is an engrossing game which should appeal to all adventurers alike. I hope to play it properly, soon!

- OOZE -

Finally, we have an illustrated text adventure which is something old skool and very popular pre-Atari ST when resources were obviously limited. This has a creepy cover but oddly one of the silliest of storylines I've ever heard: you are (wait for it) "Ham Burger" and Mr Cheez has given you a house in Salom's Lot which is rumoured to be haunted by lots of scary things going bump in the night. How freaky is this? I'm Ham Burger LOL!!

I must admit to being a little disappointed with my copy because the condition isn't great at all. In fact, it's a bit of a wreck with lots of dents, breaks and scuffs. But this is a rarity and something special to me so one day I'll find a mint copy, I'm sure of it. (Yeah, Yeah). Until then, I am proud to own this weird adventure.

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