Saturday, April 01, 2017

It's a wrap!

I'm quite sure regular readers have suspected that this moment was coming? Due to family commitments, I simply do not have the spare time anymore to continue reviewing games or writing other silly articles so the time has come to call it a day. It's been a blast running AtariCrypt over the last few years and I've got to know lots of fantastic ST dudes. You all know me on Atari-Forum and the many Atari ST facebook groups - so no excuses, please do keep in touch!

The Atari ST scene sure ain't dead and I recommend that you check out my website links (look right) which list many amazing websites you should regularly visit. Also, I send greetings to everyone that has ever enjoyed AtariCrypt website. Extra greetings to Tom for my Atari ST gift, Karim for his constant support and also Fred Horvat for being the only guy to donate cash for our magazine which Darren Doyle beautifully created. Finally my thanks to everyone else who I've got to know over the recent years . . . . . and now I think this lame scroller should wrappppppppp!!

to all Atari ST nutters!!