Friday, July 07, 2017



There are lots of cool wallpapers out there on the interweb so I figured I'd share the ones I like and use. These aren't usually my creations but pictures I've downloaded so all credit to the original authors where applicable. However, I have usually upscaled them to suit my Mac's resolution of 2560x1440 but that can always be reduced if need be.
[credit to Tobias Jansson for the incredible Thalion picture]

Update: I've since found out that Google automatically reduces the size of large images!! So if anyone wants the originals at the original resolution then please just ask and I'll pass 'em on :-)

I couldn't start a wallpaper section here on AtariCrypt without giving a mention to my friend Aurélien Vaillant and his awesome Atari ST gaming wallpaper website so make sure that you check this one out, folks!! #awesome