Sunday, August 26, 2018

Time Bandit

I woke up wanting to play Microdeal's awesome 1985 cracker, Time Bandit. I recorded this video and had myself some fun but now I should enable that trainer and finally get this beauty completed. One of the beST!!

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  1. love this game. But it's so freakin' hard!!! Great graphics, and at such a young age in the life of the ST, it sold me. My brother brought his buddie's 500 over one weekend and I was so jealous. (I still love my ol' Atari 800 to) But the graphics! He also had Brataccus and that funny little clown game Mudpies. I believe he also had a copy of Sundog. Time Bandit Rules!

    1. Time Bandit does rule :D also got Mudpies here too!
      Sundog is on my ever growing ST list. I need more time lol