Thursday, October 04, 2018


Thomas Ilg, of Laserball and Anarcho Ride fame, has released an early beta of his next project: Frogs. This is an Atari STe conversion of the C64 original and features more of the same zany gameplay with up to four little froggies frantically hopping around ponds munching defenceless bugs. Older ST's are compatible to a degree but it's best on the Atari STe computer thanks to the Blitter graphics and DMA sound effects (chip music isn't yet complete).

Use your sticky tongues and each the vermin as quickly as you can!

Each pond has various rocks and temporary lilypads which stay floating on the water's surface for a short time. Hop around the screen looking for bugs and then press fire to stick out your tongue - and feed your belly. Be quick and beat the other players but watch out because their AI is absolutely superb - plus it's fun watching them brawl amongst themselves!! Oh, tongues have more than one use so don't let yourself be pushed around...

Come on, this is 4-player madness. Ridiculous gaming!!

Numerous ponds are available with three different gameplay modes and support for 2-4 players. Controls are rather unique using the keyboard, joystick, Jagpad or ST4PLAYER via the parallel port. Players can either be human or computer-controlled and there's even the option for a Midi link-up. Tell me you're not impressed!!

There are many different ponds and even C64 visuals, which is ace!!

A boxed version is in the pipeline with the option to include the ST4PLAYER adaptor - so watch this space. Overall, Frogs is a great conversion and certainly best with friends. We've had a laugh playing it here today and my 9yr old chatterbox thinks this is an excellent game. Thus, this write-up needs nothing more to be said from me!!

UPDATE: the webshop is now open for business!!

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