Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Coffee, Beer & Gifts

Thank you, friends!!

Hello fellow ST Nutters!! As you might have guessed, AtariCrypt has a Patreon page for those who wish to support me. This wasn't something that I was particularly comfortable with at first but I've been blown away by the kind members of our ST community. Having their support is incredible and means so much to me.

So, I wanted to arrange a selection of gifts for these folk: a mouse mat, keyrings, coaster and a mug. The first package has already been sent to a guy from Finland who we all know for his brilliant work over at AtariMania. Of course, one of the mugs is staying here with me - I'm drinking coffee out of it right now!

These are quality products, and I'd like to thank Rhayader Computers for their friendly service. There are still several gifts left in stock - waiting for new patrons - so come on board and support the best Atari ST website on the planet. (a bit much? lol). My sincere gratitude to all our patrons past, present and future. Thank you so much!!

Update Jan 2022

I've decided to drop Patreon as I've not been able to update my website throughout 2020 due to personal reasons. So, I've started an account on 'Buy Me A Coffee' which seems more acceptable and far less of a permanent commitment. Oh, and in case you are wondering, all the goodies are available to our new supporters.

Click here if you're interested...



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