Sunday, February 18, 2018

Fractal Landscape Generator

Fractal Landscape Generator was developed by David Billington to create mountainous 3D landscapes. It's worth reading the docs before you begin experimenting but for those who (like me) never read the manual, there is a mini guide. Seeding your first landscape is easy using a superb user interface and the results are produced quickly, even on an 8MHz computer. The 3D part was initially difficult to grasp and at one point I think that I was upside down!! Don't give up - keep on tinkering - and once happy you can add light-shading, alter various colour parameters, and increase the detail level. Heck, you can even animate a fly-by through your newly created world.

Dabbling in 16-Bit creation to see what wonders I could knock out is impressive and to think I only found it by chance on this disk: Floppyshop ART-3647. It's always a nice feeling to find something "new" and this is a cracking program to get you started into the world of fractal landscapes. Give this a try and see what you can design!

These four images were generated using my own Mega STe and I'm really impressed with the results achieved.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Astro Marine Corps

Sometimes a game doesn't need a longwinded storyline, cunning puzzles or life-sucking RPG elements. Sometimes all you want is a huge mother of a weapon (with unlimited ammo of course) and lots of baddies in need of urgent annihilation. Be happy because Dinamic's AMC fits the bill with lots of mindless and gratifyingly brutal violence!

Watch out for the various plant life and some critters can instantly change with a drastic consequence!!

This multi-level scrolling shoot 'em up involves nothing more than walking grim alien landscapes and hammering down on the fire button to kill everything in sight. Upgradeable weapons use a directional-firing technique and our marine can also crouch and leap high into the air with wiggly-legs. We are also equipped with powerful bombs and these are needed when your main weapon isn't effective against mechs or whatever lurks inside craters...

The aliens are an obscene bunch of misfits ranging from man-eating plants to mechanoids even Robocop would run away from. Don't get to close to the unassuming caterpillers, these will suddenly grow and give rather a nasty bite. I think AMC has some of the best enemies I've seen and the monstrously huge Guardian proves it.

I love that beast man thingamabob with the large fangs but he's nothing compared to this huge guardian!!

Technically, this isn't the best game as it feels a like a rushed port with less-than spritely scrolling across sparse landscapes. Joystick controls are great but it's awkward reaching for the keyboard to throw a bomb - especially when mechanoids are chasing! AMC is crude and predictable but it's also thoroughly entertaining with great monsters, crunchy sound effects and tons of levels. I loved being an Astro Marine and killing alien scumbags is fantastic.


 - Installation to a hard disk is possible thanks to 8BitChip and Old Games Finder has the floppies.
 - Stonish has a couple of great Menu disks: Dodgysoft #81 and Flame Of Finland #25.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Jake is a rather odd looking fella who exterminates bugs in a fantastic fantasy world of weird. However, this is as much as I currently know because I've never played it until today! Verminator's graphics are jaw-dropping so my first play lasted mere seconds before I wanted to write this article for our PixelArt section. Actually, Verminator is granted VIP access because of Nigel Brownjohn's outstanding artistry using such bold colours with a fine attention to detail. This has to be one of the most gorgeous 16-Bit games created so perhaps I should now take time to play it...



 - 8BitChip has the hard drive version and Old Games Finder has access to the floppies.
 - Trusteft recorded a video last year and seemed pretty much impressed by this beautiful game.