Friday, June 23, 2017


ImageWorks released Phobia back in 1989 with a gorgeous oldskool styled cover. Stunning artwork with lots of colour, action and a cruel glare from evil eyes which reflects the gameplay perfectly because its one of the hardest games I have ever played. All the hallmarks of a potentially outstanding shooter are there but it's impossible without a trainer as there is too much going on at once. If ever there was a killer shoot 'em up, this is it - Arrgghhh!!!

I bought Phobia for only 99 pence and it was sealed so the box and contents are in superb condition. I wonder why nobody ever bought it? Hmmm, maybe I'll be brave and record a video and write a review? Maybe...


 - ST Format #1 reviews Phobia but wasn't too impressed with the difficulty - lol wimps!!
 - D-Bug has a download with a trainer and hard drive support.
 - Stonish has the floppy disks and I liked Timelords #29 Menu CD (1MB).
 - Here is a fantastic video recording by Stefan Lindberg.
 - My tweet after playing Phobia for a few minutes... ARGGHHHHHH!!!

I should have known this was going to be hard with such a hideous screen. The next pic is my ship being blown up, again!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017



The Atari ST has so many great games that feature superb pixel art and I figured I should start a new section specifically for these drawings. So let's kick things off with Colin Swinbourne's artistic skills for Empire Software's Deathbringer which has a hideous loading screen, just look at his teeth and the hatred in that evil glare from those sinister eyes!! The intro which follows is freaky but with great sound effects and a comical ending that you will love. I hope you all agree that Colin's skills are a fantastic way to kick off this new section. Review to follow soon :)


 - 8BitChip have the hard drive installable game.
 - Stonish has the floppy disk version of Midland Boys #47. (Menu supports DMA h/w if detected)
 - Gears Of Games has an incredible YouTube video you should watch/subscribe!
 - AtariMania lists the other games Colin Swinbourne has been involved in. Yeah, Joe Blade!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Automation #496

Press 1 for... Nope, there's none of that with Automation #496 because this intro is a mini-game of Rick Dangerous. Well, there's no interaction and little to do other than walk and climb ladders but it's cool alternative compared to what we would have generally expected to see back then. Just control little Ricky with the joystick and enter a door to select a game. What a fantastic little intro but, to be honest, it only made me wanna play Rick Dangerous!! :^)

This intro can be download from Demozoo and Old Games Finder has the actual Menu CD.