Saturday, September 15, 2018

Wings Of Death

Thalion's Wings Of Death is a vertically-scrolling shoot 'em up which even supports the extra bits 'n' bobs lurking within the Atari STe for a truly stunning production. Gorgeous graphics and beautiful audio are matched in equal measure by the killer gameplay. Yet, despite my joystick skills, I've recorded another video... I love this game!!

Later levels are gorgeous yet the insane difficulty remains. Death visits once again in the third picture...

Friday, September 14, 2018

Eye Of Horus

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I've been trolling through my old videos and found Logotron's Eye Of Horus. I remember this curious platformer thanks to the confusing labyrinths with many rather peculiar enemies. So it's time to revisit this one...

We're a hawk-god called Horus in search of his father's body parts. Yep. Apparently, these pieces can be put back together so we're able to avenge his death!! This ancient tomb contains many traps and even the decor appears angry, so finding the bits won't be easy. Being a demigod means we have the ability to morph into a hawk but do note that birds don't have hands to carry stuff... Keys and Amulets can be used from operating particular elevators to summoning other so-called gods. Okay, let's waste no more time talking and start rebuilding Daddy!


Looking back, I can see why I felt overwhelmed because the level design is pretty confusing at times which isn't helped by the repeating albeit nice backgrounds. The mechanics behind the elevators/coloured keys are unnecessarily rubbish plus I think that there are far too many amulets. All enemies are unique and it's peculiarly funny when the fixtures and fittings begin wobbling in anger. Well, at least our demigod is armed with a paper gun!

Graphically, this game is sweet and reminds me of Death Trap but the intro whiffs of Ice Palace. Scrolling is super-smooth with gorgeous animations and the hieroglyphic backgrounds are stunning. Sound effects are very zesty but with a whiff of familiarity and they're accompanied by gorgeous Whittaker music. Not his best but still superb.

Having said all my moans and groans, this is a cunning platformer with lots to offer. It's different and I loved exploring the tomb but the ability to flip into a hawk is a genius move. Just have a pen and paper ready to make a map until the right amulet is found... Overall, if you're willing to put in the time, then Eye Of Horus is an excellent adventure.

Okay, Okay, let's keep things simple: Hall Of Light has awesome maps, which I feel are essential. Enjoy!!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Jet Set Willy

I came home from work today and fancied a game of JSW. Okay, I'll never complete it but what a game!!
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Tuesday, September 11, 2018


I remember reading the review of Strider in ST Format who made it appear so brilliant and even explained how the ST may have had smaller sprites but the gameplay was faster and better than the Amiga. I foolishly believed them and wasted my cash on a game I could not play. Boy, was I terrible lol!! In fact, I recently gave it this silly mention but wasn't too kind as I remembered about its jerky scrolling and that ridiculous difficulty level.

Since then I've mellowed - and come to realise my gaming skills suck - so I figured I should give it another go. You know, being older and wiser. Ahem, anyhow Strider was surprisingly developed by Tiertex and is one of many arcade conversions requested by a good friend. So, almost three decades have passed... let's see what I think today...


I can't lie. I played several games but still found it extremely difficult and failed to beat the first boss, a Flash Gordon wannabe. Eventually, I did it but then fire rained down and halted my cries of joy!! Thankfully, I beat him on the next attempt and proceeded to a whacky place which I enjoyed and wished was longer. Sadly, no matter how much I tried, I couldn't beat the next boss so that was that and I gave up [watch the first part of my recording]

For some odd reason, I felt brave and loaded up Strider once again to enjoy my greatest success. I even beat the worm thingy to make it onto the next stage which I've never played - ever!! This starts off great with big cats that wanted to eat me before a giant mechanical creature thing tried its luck. Banging on the fire button proved profitable and I beat him quite easily but I died later by a circular saw which came outta nowhere. Quite unfair because it's impossible to see it approaching off-screen... [all within the second part of my recording]


Dear ST Format, I've hated your review for years but today I hold my hands up to apologise for all my nasty thoughts!! Please forgive me because you guys rocked and my gaming skills SUCKED ;p

Yeah, Strider is absolutely superb so now I'm tempted to whack on the trainer and play to the end? Okay, I still think that the scrolling could have been better (ala Turrican) but the gameplay is furious and makes the Amiga conversion look dull as dishwater. Strider is sleek and bucket loads of fun so don't be a fool and load it up right now.

Klaz has a spiced-up version for both floppy and hard drives which has a fascinating option for faster gameplay!!

Sunday, September 09, 2018


Sometimes I just wanna smash up stuff and then eat lots of annoying human beings. So today I loaded up Aaargh! by Melbourne House which is basically Rampage where we can either be a giant ogre or a fire-breathing dragon.

Destroy buildings, kill attacking critters, eat stupid humans and then collect an egg trophy. Watch out for the angry yocals and various dangerous critters so conserve energy by eating what you find - or those tasty humans!! Once you have the egg, it's time for a (terrible) battle with your beastie opponent before plundering the next village.

The controls are a little clumsy because our beastie must be facing in the right direction to pick up items and perform specific attack moves. Sadly, we can be knocked to the ground far too easily which is very frustrating when waiting for him to get up - and that gives other nasties more than enough time to creep up on you once again...

Sure, it's not Rampage but it's still fun for half an hour and who doesn't enjoy burning homes to the ground before eating the angry villagers? Aaargh! might be utter rubbish but I still enjoyed playing it. Of course, I'm mad.


Saturday, September 08, 2018

Gobliins 2

The newest addition to my collection goes to Coktel Vision's Gobliins 2. The box art is so cheesy - just look at those silly expressions. Funny, but also a little scary too!! Okay, a demon king has kidnapped The Prince, who's a bit of a Buffoon, but the gruesome twosome will save the day: Fingus and Winkle. This sequel is an incredibly unique "co-op" adventure and one I'm dying to boot up later today. [grab yourself the floppy or hard drive downloads]

Update: this is certainly living up to my expectations. Having a blast playing this cracker!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2018


I've just been laughing my little ST socks off at one of my oldest video recordings. Rainbow might not mean much to many around the globe but here in dear old Blighty it was one of the most popular TV shows for about 25 years - I really miss Zippy lol. Enjoy what is an amazing demo that pushes the Atari STe to its limits. Honest...

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Monday, September 03, 2018


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Joust is a cracking game either solo or with a mate and all you need is medieval chainmail and a flying ostrich. I also think this is one of those titles that everyone loves so I figured that I should record a video demonstrating various conversions - which includes Winglord, an awesome alternative (best experienced using the Atari STe).

Note: I used OpenEmu to emulate the Atari 2600/5200/7800 and Hatari for the Atari ST/e computers. My recording is probably better viewed directly on YouTube as each section is linked within the description. Happy jousting!!

- A T A R I  2 6 0 0 -

Okay, first up is the Atari 2600 which I'm saddened to report I didn't enjoy that much. I don't know what it was, but I just didn't click with this... Something just didn't feel right with the controls so I never felt comfortable playing it. Perhaps it's just me as I know many love it and the old console does it's flickery best I'm sure. I will say that the sound effects are raspy and I loved that but ultimately I came away feeling cold. Not one I'll play again.


- A T A R I  5 2 0 0 -

The Atari 5200 never seems to disappoint and it's delivered the goods once again with a fascinating conversion. The graphics aren't the best but I liked the sound effects and this isn't really a game with much variety in the audio department... Gameplay is balanced with dandy controls that feel perfect. Best console version? I think so.


- A T A R I  7 8 0 0 -

Next up is the obscure Atari 7800 and what a tough game this brought to the game table. It looks, sounds and plays well but boy is it a hard nut to crack. Like the 5200, I found the controls perfect even if I failed to progress that well. Watch the video for a hilarious end to my game - I think this sums up my luck rather well with this conversion.


- A T A R I  S T -

Onto the glorious Atari ST and the boys did a fantastic job. After the peculiar title screen, we're greeted with detailed sprites and their lovely animations. This sure looks the part and the gameplay is spot-on perfect thanks to the gorgeous control mechanics. I had the most fun with this game and cannot recommend it enough!! Perfect.

Floppy disks can be found using Old Games Finder but install Joust to your hard drive if possible.


- A T A R I  S T e -

Finally, I wanted to include Winglord by Victor Bruhn as it's possibly something that many have missed? It works on both computers but is best on the Atari STe thanks to Blitted graphics and lots of funky DMA sounds. There are a number of changes, like unicorns and yellow jackets but I think everybody should download this clone because it's an excellent alternative. I love how the unicorn struts its stuff when walking... Oh, did I mention we have missiles :D


Friday, August 31, 2018

Alien Vs Predator

Rebellion's Alien Vs Predator is a 64-bit masterpiece and also the main reason I bought an Atari Jaguar. It offers a fascinating first-person experience set in outer space onboard an alien-infested spaceship. Rarely did I play as either the Alien or Predator because I almost always chose the Colonial Marine, Private Lance J. Lewis.

This marine is a bad boy who awakens from stasis in the Brig. Wondering what's going on, he conveniently finds a dead body and picks up a shotgun before speaking the line: "What on earth got hold of this guy?". Lance is very hungry and heads to the canteen on sublevel 3 only to find the place is swarming with vicious aliens!!

Original and gripping storyline? Well, at least the artwork is gorgeous... Hang on, is that a pink ship?

Don't be scared - the ship might be overrun but we have a shotgun and there are plenty of supplies to pick up. Sadly, your clearance level is pretty lame but fumbling dead bodies could reveal hidden treasures and possibly better keycards. When all seems lost, follow in the footsteps of Gordon Freeman and use the vent shafts for a sneaky way to get around. Finally, don't ignore the computer terminals as they often contain helpful information...

This adventure is yours to enjoy how you see fit but it will be hard unless you make a map - especially for the vent shafts which are tricky to navigate. Upgrading to the Pulse Rifle is a must and it sounds superb. I love the Motion Tracker which is really handy but don't dawdle because reports suggest of another alien ship docking!!

Who do you wanna be? A cool chappy, a sleek alien or a big wimp who hides behind his gadgets?

These are nasty times so find the keycards, kill as many aliens as possible and activate the self-destruct. I highly recommend this wonderful fps - just don't forget about the escape pod otherwise it's "Game over, man"!!

Did you enjoy this? Yup, it wasn't related to the Atari ST but I plan to feature more content for the Atari consoles.
Apologies for the speed and quality of the recording. The emulator struggled on my old computer but I still had loads of fun and now regret selling my Jaguar because I could play this all over again!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

No Buddies Land

Eternal's No Buddies Land was released in 1991 by Loriciel and is programmed by David Boshoven who is possibly better known as Lair from the group Hotline. Okay, the story is silly but let's roll with it: the lands are flooding and Bud (great name) is the hero of the day who must climb up into heaven to ask for help before everything is destroyed.

Level one is pretty cool but it also introduces you to the cruel mechanics and an overpriced shop!

Five dreaded levels are all about to be flooded but our adventure strangely begins in a dingy castle before heading outside to hop his way through the trees and then up into the clouds. As each level begins, the waters begin to rise just as in games like Flood, Goin' Down With The Captain or Killing Game Show - so be quick and get moving!!

It's a world of hurt from the very start when we encounter the game's cruel nature with a wicked environment that features lots (and lots) of traps and frustrating jumps. We must also contend with moving platforms, acid droplets, spikes, disappearing ledges and much more. Not only all that, but the local wildlife is never friendly and will zap your energy with a single touch. Thankfully, guns are allowed and we are armed with a pistol that can be upgraded in a shop. Yes, there are shops along the way to Heaven... as are hidden side-games and annoying puzzles(Grr!!)

I liked level 2 the most which also reminded me of Elf but I found level 3 a killer and really annoying!!

The visuals are by Bram Leyten, aka Sense of Hotline, and are absolutely stunning with an incredible attention to detail for both the environment and its cute sprites. Animations are also pretty nice but Bud walks like he's rushing to the toilet - gotta laugh at his zippy legs!! Not only do these graphics knock you for six but they slide down your screen at a graceful 50fps using sync-scrolling. This method screws up my VGA monitor each time it attempts to scroll, but it works dandy using a standard CRT monitor/TV. So, I guess it must be a VGA issue?

Audio has not been forgotten and if you remember Monster Business' outstanding tunes then you're in for another treat. Laurens Tummers, aka Lotus, has done it again to provide the most stunning examples of timeless chip music. In fact, I would say No Buddies Land has some of the best tunes I've heard in any game. They are beautiful.

Both level 4 and 5 featured disappearing platforms which I really, really, really hated!!

No Buddies Land is far from perfect. The controls are fast and smooth but jumping diagonally can be awkward unless Bud is already walking. Also, knowing which ledges to hop onto isn't always obvious because some will blend into the background scenery far too easily. Ultimately, No Buddies Land gave me deja vu as I felt I was playing another Enchanted Land: it looks and sounds beautiful but ultra-hard gameplay spoils what might have been...

Technically, this is a masterpiece and one that certainly proves what the Atari ST is capable of knocking out but there are better platformers. There's just too much going on that constantly hurts poor old Bud so I doubt he will ever reach Heaven unless a trainer is used. Download either the floppy or hard disk games and help stop those rising waters?