Monday, June 18, 2018

Rolling Ronny

Rolling Ronny is a scrolling platformer set in the quiet town of Fieldington, a place which recently suffered the theft of their crown jewels. Fortunately, this gang of bumbling thieves were disturbed so hid each jewel inside glittering boxes and scattered them throughout the town before fleeing. Why? I don't know but Scotland Yard then decided it was a good idea to enlist Ronny as their secret agent to recover the stolen jewels in return for a generous reward.

Ronny uses skates to get around this oddball town but he can climb ladders and leap across onto most platforms. He will need every ounce of agility to avoid/kill the nasties that lurk here and boy are there a number of silly creatures so defend yourself by hitting the fire button to fling your supply of killer salamis!! Ronny also has four spare pockets that he can use to store cool gadgets which are essentially power-ups. These offer a variety of functions like a Super Jump or the Magnet which attracts any out of reach items. Oh, and I really love the Power Sneeze!

Ronny needs to watch out for various nasties and also holes in the road. Even the birds don't like him!

Coins can be collected to use in the town's shop but be wise and leave enough for your bus fare which takes you onto the next level... (why doesn't he just skate there?). Along the way, you might be stopped and asked to run an errand for extra credit, surely an easy way to earn yourself extra credit? Beware, there is a time limit but you're still able to explore without being rushed and you can always top it up in the local shop if you're willing to spend?

The status panel displays various information: love hearts indicate health, a clock is counting down, the number of remaining jewels, gadgets ready to be used and more. The controls are responsive and allow Ronny to easily leap from ledge to ledge but, as usual, reaching for the function keys to activate a gadget is a bit of a pain.

This jump across the water looks tricky but then a little droplet begins chasing! Or is it a ghost?

Throughout, the visuals are constantly fantastic with a superb cartoon quality, comical sprites and smooth scrolling. It's obvious that colour is a big deal because of the richly decorated backgrounds, even the title screen is a stunning Spectrum 512 image. Audio is nice with a sweet title screen tune (that I can't get out my head) and neat in-game sound effects are accompanied by an obsessive tune that always manages to get my foot tapping.

As platformers go, Rolling Ronny doesn't exactly break the mould and our skating clown is a rather odd character if I'm being honest (well, just look at that hideous barnet and his big red nose). There are also a few niggles which I didn't care for, with the most irritating being when I failed to collect enough cash for my bus fare. I hate that!! However, there is something quirky and extremely entertaining which I've always loved about this sweet platformer.

Grab yourself either the floppy or hard disk version from Klaz and have yourself some roller skating fun!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Flight Of The Intruder

Check out my latest purchase: Flight Of The Intruder. The huge box has a minimalistic yet sleek artwork style so it's going straight into our Box Art section. I have always admired this game but somehow I oddly never got the play it back in the day... Well, finally, I can do just that and I'm really looking forward to taking this for a spin. However, first I must read through the weighty manual, so why not take a few moments to admire its beauty while you wait?

Flight Of The Intruder can be downloaded for floppy or the highly-recommended hard disk version.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

H.A.T.E Hostile All Terrain Encounter

Vortex Software released some amazing games for the ZX Spectrum and they were one of my favourite companies back in the day. H.A.T.E was their final effort and is a scrolling shoot 'em up quite similar in style to Zaxxon.

Our all-terrain encounter takes us through numerous isometric levels using a variety of crafts, from planes to tanks and even a hovercraft. As the landscape scrolls by, we need to destroy the nuclear generators where it hurts which reveals their plasma cells. Collecting these not only determines how many lives we are given on the next level but they also act as a shield to protect us from harm during the current game, which I personally think is genius!

The enemy appears in various guises, from ground-based machinery that spew out deadly mines to missiles, tanks and aircraft. Use evasive manoeuvres, especially when piloting a plane, as the enemy will often attack in waves. At the end of the level, a mothership whisks us off whereas the original continued on as far as I remember?


Controls are a little confusing but I soon got the hang of it after a couple of attempts. Every craft can move left or right with the fire button used for your main weapon. But there are differences to learn depending on the craft being used. For example, land-based tanks can move forwards and backwards whereas planes cannot. Instead, they increase or decrease their altitude. Also, pushing up whilst firing will activate a secondary weapon such as lasers or bombs.


Graphics remind me of Highway Encounter but aren't nearly as polished. In fact, they're often boring with murky colours and lethargic scrolling. However, I gotta say that I love the shadows, especially when carrying the plasma cells. The title music is an absolute gem and most certainly one of the best chiptunes ever, thanks to Ben Daglish! Timid music plays during gameplay which provides a nice background to complements the zip zap effects.


This is a good conversion of Costa's brilliant 8-Bit classic but it's not perfect and a couple of issues frustrated me. I began the second level and my beefy tank exploded when I accidentally touched a nearby building - always hated that!! Also, it can feel like forever and a day when waiting to restart after losing a life. Ugh, utter agony!

Overal, this Hostile All Terrain Encounter might look as sexy as a bruised banana but it plays great and is extremely addictive. I've spent several hours playing H.A.T.E and I have L.O.V.E.D every second of it. A fantastic shooter.

Fancy a little extra hate in your life? You'll find much hatred on either floppy disk or your hard drive.

Sunday, June 10, 2018


I've spent much of my recent time trolling through loads of disks using the nifty Floppy Image Runner and eventually came across this beauty. Quartz was released in 1988 by Firebird and is a tripped-out 8-way shooter that has us playing inside a cloud of sub-atomic particles. Each stage is a variety of short mini-stages quite similar to Asteroids but there are also incredible horizontal and vertical shooters along with some impressive 3D effects.

Gorgeous 8-way parallax scrolling and then lots of huge 3D rocky objects. Yowzers!!

Our job is to shoot the colourful hadrons, transforming them into quarks - which we blast into tiny neutrinos. Collecting these eventually offers a selection of power-ups ranging from ship repairs to a variety of awesome weapons. The end of level boss is perfect for the physicists lurking within and needs to be shot several times until it spins into oblivion. Lives are limited but you're offered the chance to continue on - if you're willing to give up a weapon - which is actually a strange idea but one that forces you to play better rather than simply whining for extra lives!

The game throws everything at you so it's not long before you're trading something to survive!

I'm gobsmacked just how brilliant this is with its frantic action, rich graphics and chirpy audio not to mention that beautiful parallax scrolling. My 8-year old daughter gave this a playtest and she found the controls daunting but soon got the hang of it. She said it's crazy but lots of fun and I think that sums up Quartz very nicely. Awesome!!

If you fancy taking the groovy spaceship for a spin then grab the floppy or hard disk game right away.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Escape 2042

"Discover a futuristic fast-paced platformer game in pixel art, including one mini-game. The game takes place in three different environments (prison, desert, forest) and is interspersed with one mini-game and cutscenes, including a reversed “Shoot’em Up”! Avoid the security cameras, collect grenades to get rid of your enemies, exercise your working memory by hacking the computers of the prison to unlock the doors or to dis-activate the safety systems."

From the developer of Yopaz comes a rather splendid Atari STe conversion of Escape 2042. The video shows a preview that looks rather exciting running at 50fps (ignore the glitching which is a problem to do with his TV). Escape requires only a 1Mb Atari STe and will soon be available to purchase as a two-disk download. Later on, there will be an option to buy it boxed - which I'll also definitely be getting!! More news when I get it. Watch this space...

Monday, May 28, 2018

DBA Magazine #06

Synergy's famous DBA Magazine intro helped created one of those moments in time when everything changed. I've probably watched this several hundred of times through the years and it never gets dull with its beautiful visuals and groundbreaking SIDtastic audio. Watch the video but it's beST experienced using the real hardware!!

Saturday, May 26, 2018


Switchblade was released in 1989 by Gremlin Graphics and programmed by Simon Phipps. Yes, he of Atari ST classic Rick Dangerous. Okay, we are Hiro, a dude in a bandana who must explore the UnderCity to locate sixteen broken fragments of the Fireblade to reap revenge on today's evil entity, Havoc. This beast has been on a savage rampage, after being dormant for 10,000 years, so it's time for us to save the day - once again!

The first nasty is quite dumb but it isn't long before we're up close with something bigger!

We begin on the surface before taking the leap (fall) down into the orientally inspired UnderCity. This labyrinth is made up of lots individual rooms and exploring each is brilliant but tread with caution because you never know what baddies might materialise from out of thin air. Your path through is completely free-roaming, which I loved so much.

Look out for dodgy blocks that might crack with a single kick: these can unveil health and weapon power-ups or may even lead you on into hidden rooms of goodies. Boss characters appear regularly, the first is easy to kill whereas later ones can be quite frustrating and beaten only with patience and lots of well-timed jumping. The only negative is the immense size of the map which isn't visually diverse - so I often needed to backtrack after getting lost.

Somebody always leaves boxes conveniently lying about. Hang on, what is THAT down there?!

Controls are superb with all the usual movements like running, jumping and climbing ladders but there are also three kinds of attack. Tapping firing allows you to punch like a weak Arnold Schwarzenegger but you shall also notice a white combat meter along the bottom right of the screen. This helps perform two kicks: holding the fire button for a mere second (so the meter isn't at full strength) will perform a high kick Jean Claude Van Damme would be proud of. Finally, holding it down indefinitely performs a powerful Chuck Norris sweeping kick. Superb mechanics!

Some metallic rocker is chasing me! They can't see me but they can still shadow my movements...

Visually, I doubt Hiro will blow your socks off but it's clean and well-designed. Underneath the unassuming exterior is a rather cute system with nice level details, cool-looking characters and, as you explore, the game will self-map itself in a similar fashion to Ranarama, or even Rogue I guess. Switchblade has killer audio with brilliant chiptune bleeps from Ben Daglish or the choice of sampled sound effects and I love both equally!

Some of the nasties are a pain like gargoyles and the metallic jellyfish thingies!

Overall, Switchblade is awesome. It has a great adventure element plus the lack of a linear structure is excellent, thus keeping you enthralled throughout. This is one of the few games I've completed and I'll definitely come back to it again (and again). As with Rick Dangerous, this is most certainly one of the best platformers for the Atari ST.

The level guardians are either daft or just plain awkward to hit - I wish they would keep still!!

Fancy picking up the gauntlet to help Hiro find the scattered fragments? It will involve deep exploration, fighting lots of silly monsters and several freaky boss dudes? Of course, you'd be mad not to!! So grab yourself the floppy or hard disk installable games right away. Tip: you might find these maps useful to fully enjoy this beautiful retro game.

Friday, May 25, 2018

BoinkSave Screensaver

Here's an interesting piece of software which I found on Atari ST User's August 1992 cover disk. It's a screensaver by Damien M. Jones which works really well and can even be configured to use different graphics along with altering the screen's timeout. I love finding programs like this and we all adore Boink so I thought this was darn excellent. If you don't have the cover disk lying about, like geeky old me, then it can be grabbed off the Zogging Hell website.

Monday, May 21, 2018


It's time for some more box art and today we have the beautiful starglider itself, Interphase by Image Works. Now, IIRC this was given away for free on a cover disk so just about every ST guy had a copy. However, I've never actually "owned" it, so I was extremely excited to finally get it boxed with complete contents and in great condition too!!

Tonight's gaming is going to be gouraud-tastic using the fastest framerate seen on any 16-Bit computer. Yep... And if you fancy yourself a multi-level polygon blast then download the floppy or install it to your hard disk. Enjoy!!

Ya can't beat that Fine Young Cannibals sample before the weird tunnel sequence begins.

The graphics are fast and smooth with some unique polygons - like the unicycling frog!! O_o

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Tempest 2000 Music Demo

Tempest 2000 was/is an incredible gaming experience and sure made the Atari Jaguar roar like a beast. Then I remembered this recording I made of Effect's awesome Atari STe Music Disk which is pretty darn cool and brought back many happy memories. So grab yourself a copy right now from Demozoo and crank up the volume!!