Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ghosts 'n Goblins

This morning I powered on my Atari ST and decided to play the classic platformer Ghosts 'N Goblins. However, I suffered the most amazingly short games because I kept on dying, over and over and then over again!

Finally, during a later game, I managed to get passed the red goblin which is a major success for me because he normally beats me to a pulp. Sadly, it wasn't long after this before I died. Then all my following games I continued my run of death. ARRRGGHHHHH!! such an annoying game but also a game I love to bits. Yes, I am a weirdo!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

R-Type Deluxe

R-Type is a game that means so much to me for a couple of personal reasons. Firstly, because I consider it to be a great arcade shooter and secondly, it was bought for me for my 17th birthday by my parents!

Now, what if you could take this old shooter and make it even better by using the enhanced hardware of the Atari STe - the Blitter, hardware scrolling, DMA audio, and more. Stephen Jones (aka Bod!) is doing just that and is grafting hard to write the most advanced version of R-Type ever. He is progressing nicely and will often tease the Atari community with regular updates and some incredible screenshots. The pictures you see below were kindly sent to me by Stephen and I've recorded a video for y'all to drool over! :-)



Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Curse Of Bolda

Back in January I innocently uploaded a video of what I thought was a rather cool game that I had stumbled upon by accident. The Curse Of Bolda is a rather nifty little platformer that looks pretty and plays very nicely. Like a lot of PD / shareware games on the Atari ST & it oozes quality & fun!

Today, I received an email from the author - Ben Pritchard!!! He said that he was happy to see his old work still being discovered and enjoyed. My video made his day & he emailed to say thank you. Now that made my day!


 - Leda Entertainment history (link) and the all important download :-)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Time Bandit

My first impressions of Time Bandit weren't too good. I felt that it was a cheap Gauntlet rip-off but thankfully a pinch of sanity came over me and I decided to continue playing. Please, ignore my foolish first impressions because this is actually a fascinating game. Sure, it first might appear simple but it soon becomes a hefty and addictive challenge.

We start in The Timegates, a place which permits access to numerous other worlds and each is completely different. They range from ancient Egypt to a bomb-making factory and other weird surprises - like the Pac-Man land. They each have their own style and objectives with gameplay that will remind you of Gauntlet, to a degree. Complete the tasks and look for a key because the exit is blocked until you do. Each time you complete a world and choose to re-enter, the difficulty level increases. This is superb and certainly keeps things interesting. Thankfully, you are armed with what I think is a rocket and you've been blessed with unlimited ammo too, which is dandy!!

Time Bandit is a cracking game with so many interesting levels to plunder. Each offers their own unique charm and are great fun. It might look like Gauntlet but it's so different and very addictive. Indeed, a true Atari ST classic.


 - A hard drive installable download is available via 8BitChip.
 - Those the prefer a floppy disk image can find 'em all via Old Games Finder.
 - I made a video recording and guess what - it's awesome! ;o)
 - An incredible walk-through has been written by Marcel Schoen and Blake Patterson has a fantastic web page.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Laserball 2015


Laserball is a puzzler that can certainly test the brain cells and in such a way that it won't be long before you're swearing like a docker. Well, there recently been an update that includes a spanky new level to play which spells out the name of your favourite Atari ST gaming website! I love it. One of the best puzzlers on the Atari ST.