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Saturday, June 06, 2020


After more than two years, I can update our hardware section with my latest Atari ST purchase. Yep, I finally dumped my old monitor switch box for a Ubeswitch by Urban Jonsson, which I bought off the Exxos Web Store.

It's amazing how fantastic this thing works: plug it in and power on your Atari ST (mine defaulted to high resolution but that can be changed by holding the top-button for a couple of seconds when in Low Res). Changing resolution is simple, just tap that same button to send a signal to the ST that you wish to switch resolution - and you can easily flip between colour/mono at any time. I'm using an NEC 1970NXp multisync which works very nicely.

What a cracking piece of hardware and with an incredible design that makes using it so easy to use. If you have a monitor that can support the ST's awkward 15Khz display demands, then head over to the Exxos web store and get this adapter bought. Fascinating witchcraft and I wish I'd have bought one of these years ago!!

STOP!! You should first check that your monitor is fully compatible and listed here:
Atari-Forum Wiki

Forgive my handy camera skills and click this image for a bigger view of my Ubeswtich love!

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