Sunday, March 29, 2015


If I had to list a number of Atari ST games which defined the 80s then Starglider would be right up there! It rewrote the book on how a 3D shooter would be for a whole generation because of its incredibly fast and smooth engine. Unlike anything else at the time, I spent much of my college years playing instead of learning (that explains a lot).

I wanted to show you a different side to Starglider because this supports high resolution within its wireframe universe which still looks great today. Mouse controls are spot-on and the combination of using both buttons to fire/move is extraordinarily efficient. Sound effects are superb and feel somewhat arcade in their style. But, that opening music... What can I say? Staaaaaaaarrrrrrgliiiiiderrrrrrr from Rainnnnnnbirrrrrrd (insert echo effect). Pure genius.

Yes, this is still a jaw-dropping shooter and plays every bit as good as I remember. A timeless beauty whether you're playing in low or high-resolution so grab yourself either the floppy or hard disk versions right now.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Rainbow Islands


Today, I loaded up Rainbow Island on my Atari ST and I fondly remembered the time I saw it in our local computer shop. I was instantly hooked by those gorgeous colours and the fun effects, it looked so amazing! After paying lots of cash, I walked home as fast as my lanky legs could carry me! This is probably one of the most famous platformers on the Atari ST and there isn't anything new I could tell you here. It is literally one of the best games on any 16-bit computer, the graphics, audio, and gameplay are all OUTSTANDING. Waste no more time, play Rainbow Islands!


 - 8BitChip has a download which can be installed onto hard drive!
 - Old Games Finder has all the floppy disk images.
 - Fancy a few cheat codes? Of course, you do so type all these on the title screen:
           -> BLRBJSBJ for fast feet.
           -> RJSBJSBR for double rainbows!
           -> SSSLLRRS for super fast rainbows.
           -> BJBJBJRS for the first hint.
           -> LJKSKBLS for the second hint.
           -> LBSJRRWL continues each round.
           -> SJBLRJSR will slow down the baddies.
           -> For infinite lives: choose three credits and hold down the QWERTY keys and press joystick fire.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Game Night!

Earlier, I decided that I would play New Zealand Story by Ocean because it is a belting game. Shockingly, I tonight I got further than I had ever previously done, so I'm well happy!

This is such a cutesy game with beautiful graphics and nice gameplay. The sounds are perfect and the music will ring around your head all day long - just try and deny that! NewZealand Story is fantastic, tons of fun and very challenging with a high lastability. A beautiful arcade conversion and a great Atari ST game!