Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cerror Terror!

A Beginning is a music disk that was released to celebrate Roel Heerspink (aka Cerror) and his joining of the brilliant Dead Hackers Society. It's one heck of a production that was made with the excellent MusicMon software. The recording (above) features a minute, or so, of each track and they are all gorgeous chiptune goodness which your Atari ST/e deserves. So get down and boogie, folks because it is chip-tune Tuesday!! :^)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Elvira - The Arcade Game

Elvira has graced our favourite 16-bit computer twice already with two wonderful adventures which I own and love dearly. However, there is also a little known third title released in 1991 where we get to play as the Mistress herself in a scrolling platformer that is reminiscent of another Atari ST game by the Bitmap Brothers… Hmm...

Choose to play either the Underworld Of Fire or plunder into the cold of Arctic Earth.

Firstly, there are two levels you must choose: Underworld Of Fire or Arctic Earth. Each offers their own unique monster-infested worlds and are absolutely huge. Perhaps too huge, because progress can feel like a never-ending crusade due to the lack of checkpoints. Controls are responsive but turning this sexy woman around can feel a little too slow likewise, her jumps which feel like gravity has been reduced. Still, Elvira moves in such a majestic way and it's quite something to see her flaunt those legs. The final world remains lock until you've finished the first...

This "arcade game" sure looks good with parallax landscapes and fiery effects. The video may seem a little jerky, thanks to YouTube, but the game scrolls nicely along. This graphical pizazz is all thanks to Flair Software making use of the Blitter. Sound effects are cute and zappy to nicely complement the visual feast on offer.

Sadly, not even the busty goddess is perfect because I feel the levels are perhaps too big and thus becomes a little tiresome. Although the graphics are legendary and I tip my hat to Flair for using the Blitter, I'd have liked them to have dropped the parallax in favour of spritelier scrolling. But perhaps that's just me? /nitpicking

Elvira doesn't waste any time to flash a glimpse of those legs and just look at the sparks flying!

Overall, this is a fantastic platformer with more than a hint of Gods, but it works. The action is challenging without being OTT and who doesn't enjoy dressing up as The Mistress Of The Dark for a quickie? Yup, I sure enjoyed this game which I found to be an engrossing escapade with a fistful of action that will keep you entertained for hours.

Who wouldn't help Elvira is she asked? Exactly. So grab the floppy or a hard disk installable version right now!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

lotsa stars!

I figured that it was about time I uploaded this demo. I've had it for absolutely yonks and I should really have uploaded it straight away - it's so impressive and needs to be shared out amongst the demoscene community. I mean, come on just look at the specs! All those stars in realtime over 1VBL. I would like to see other 16-bit computers attempt this! Sit back and enjoy the show... Download from Demozoo.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Blood Money

This is one of my all-time favourite Atari ST games but I cannot help wonder why I have not waffled on (I mean blogged) about this earlier! Released by Psygnosis all the way back in 1989 and it features some of the best graphics you will see in any scrolling shoot'em up. However, I often find this game gets some awkward and mixed reactions which are so alien to me. Okay, ignoring the often unpleasant opinions ST people have of Menace (read my review) Psygnosis then went on to release Blood Money. Like the first, it promised so much but had they got it right this time?

Well, Blood Money displays some of the most beautiful background graphics, sprites and also plays lovely audio to boot. This time, we didn't get a shamefully rushed version but rather a polished and classy looking game. We need no custom chips! Sure, there is a little slowdown during some of the crazy busy scenes when there are lots going on visually but it's nothing that distracts from the gameplay at all. Interestingly. if you press F9 on the main menu you can put Blood Money into 60Hz mode. That often means a faster and better framerate. Effective on a real Atari ST... but I didn't notice any difference in emulation.

So, what do we actually have here? Everyone remembers Blood Money so I'm hardly going to divulge anything new, except for my own opinion of this great game. This is certainly up there with the best and is most definitely one great shoot 'em up on the Atari ST. It's fun and it's very challenging so what more could you want? An absolute GEM!


 - Atari Mania - http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-st-blood-money_8749.html
 - Adapted version for HDD - http://atari.8bitchip.info/SCRSH/bloodm.html

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Do Things [Cream]

Here is a fantastic music disk for the Atari ST and STe, Do Things by Cream. Yes, it works on both machines but the colours are better on the Atari STe plus the tunes are in stereo. The disk features some fantastic #chiptunes by Tao, a talented musician I really admire. It has a wonderful tunnel effect which leads you into the main music screen where you'll find a huge list chiptunes to enjoy. But the fun doesn't stop there - press the spacebar and you're taken into an incredible comic strip. The artwork is legendary and most certainly some of the best I have seen on any retro computer, ever. What a brilliant production, Cream have done it again. Download this now!!

All the Creamy credits go to this bunch of talented folk :
Abyss - Code | Agent T - Graphics | Candyman - Code, Music (End part) | Tao - Music

Atari STe demos playlist ( link )  |  Atari chiptune playlist ( link)
- Demo Encyclopaedia -

Monday, May 04, 2015


Today is a bank holiday and I wanted to play something on the Atari ST while it's a big fat no-work day! So what could be better than either of these two platformers to blast away the hours? Turrican will always be a firm favourite of mine. It's a beautiful 8-ways scrolling platformer where you explore and shoot at everything in sight.

What's your equivalent favourite game on the Atari ST?

Turrican on the Atari ST

Turrican II on the Atari ST