Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cerror Terror!

Music to your ears!

A Beginning is a music disk that was released to celebrate Roel Heerspink (aka Cerror) and his joining of Dead Hackers Society. It's one heck of a production that was made with the excellent MusicMon software. The recording (above) features a minute, or so, of each track and they are all gorgeous chiptune goodness that your Atari ST/e deserves.

So get down and boogie, folks because it is chip-tune Tuesday!! :^)

Cerror - Music
Evil - Code
Gizmo - Code
Proteque - Graphics

Monday, May 18, 2015

Elvira - The Arcade Game

A game with sex appeal!

Elvira has graced our favourite 16-bit computer three times with two of them being adventures - which I own and cherish dearly. However, the third is a little-known platformer by Flair Software which is a platformer not too dissimilar to the likes of Turrican or Gods. Yes, that doesn't sound very original but I don't care. Also, it's enhanced on Atari STe thanks to the Blitter and lots of extra colours. So, kudos to the boys at Flair for supporting both computers!

For this game, we get to be the Mistress herself who finds herself awoken by a wizard, who needs her to complete a mission. Apparently, we need to recover the Queendom. Whatever the story, I'm in, but it basically means we have three ginormous worlds to explore. And guess what, there are also many demons to fight.

There are two levels to instantly play: Underworld Of Fire or Arctic Earth (the final level cannot be selected until these are beaten). Let's take a look at their loading screens which I thought are beautiful examples of pixel art...

Those looking for a tan might first wish to play the Underworld of Fire?

Or perhaps you prefer to plunder the cold depths of Arctic Earth? Bring a scarf!

Let's play with Elvira!

If you're thinking this looks like Gods and seems to have more than a twist of Turrican thrown in, then you'd be right. Each world has a range of baddies either walking the levels or flying in the sky. Hitting fire shoots your magical weapon and their death is loud and exciting albeit with a slight slowdown. A shameless ripoff but one that plays great with lots of action and large, colourful levels that are stuffed with monsters.

The controls are good but turning this sexy woman around feels a little slow. Elvira moves in a majestic way, it's quite something special to see her flaunt her legs when turning and jumping. The walk is quite funny as she stomps the ground but gravity appears low so jumping takes on the form of Neil Armstrong on the moon. Actually, this is great for killing the monsters as the jump itself takes longer so you can change direction as and when needed.

There's little here that feels new or fresh as Elvira seems more than a little inspired by lots of different games. That's good but it also means there's nothing unexpected so everything will feel a little familiar. I also found the levels too big and the ability to save progress via checkpoints could have been much better. I kept getting lost!

Elvira doesn't waste any time flashing you a quick glimpse of her underwear!


Visually, this is a corker with gorgeous levels that feature lots of colour and detailed sprites that exploded like it's bonfire night. Parallax scrolling is smooth but the action can get a little stuttery when there is a lot happening. The screen width has been squashed a little to maintain the framerate on older STs which is understandable.

The Blitter Chip is supported for both Atari computers if present (obviously, a standard on the STe). This makes the game run at a smoother albeit slower pace. So, an STfm without Blitter features a lower framerate but faster gameplay... Personally, I'm somehow preferring the game without Blitter support!

Theme music is excellent and the sound effects are very nice and pretty much Gods-like. (S key toggles)

Elvira is so hot she can create sparks even in the cold Ice World.

The CryptO'pinion?

Sadly, not even the busty goddess is perfect because I feel the levels are perhaps too big and thus the quest soon becomes tiresome. Although the graphics are legendary, and I tip my hat to Flair for using the Blitter, I think dropping the parallax effect in favour of a larger display or spritelier scrolling would have been better choices?

Elvira The Arcade Game may never have been in the arcades but I don't care about that. Who doesn't enjoy dressing up as The Mistress Of The Dark? Oops, did I say that out loud? Anyhow, it might feel like a cheap Gods clone but I've enjoyed it and I'm sure Elvira will keep you entertained for many hours. Mmm, given half the chance...

Who wouldn't help Elvira if she asked?
Exactly, so grab her by the floppy or hard disk!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

lotsa stars!

I figured that it was about time I uploaded this demo... I've had it for absolute yonks and I should have uploaded it straight away. Why? Because it's so impressive and needs to be shared out amongst the demoscene fanbase. I mean, come on just look at the specs: 1265 zillion+ stars, calculated in real-time and at 50fps. Incredible!!

I would like to see another 16-bit computer try this! So sit back and enjoy the show... Download from Demozoo.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Blood Money

No lame Amiga ports (for once)

This is one of my favourite Atari ST shooters and by Psygnosis, a company (more or less) synonymous with weak Amiga ports. This game features some of the best graphics you will see in any scrolling shoot'em up and it sounds excellent too.

It's all thanks to the talent of Wayne Smithson who proved the power of the ST when in the hands of a decent programmer - who needed no custom chips. Still, I cannot help wondering how an STe would have done... Just saying...

Okay, soak your money in blood and play this amazing game using either a floppy or off your hard drive.


Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Do Things [Cream]

Chipmusic will live forever!

Here is a fantastic music disk for the Atari ST and STe, Do Things by Cream. Yes, it works on both machines but the colours are better on the Atari STe plus the tunes are in stereo. Which is lovely!! The disk features some fantastic #chiptunes by Tao, a talented musician I really admire and I think you will too after listening to this.

The demo also has a w
onderful tunnel effect which leads you to the main music screen where you'll find a huge list of chiptunes. But the fun doesn't stop there - press the spacebar to view an incredible comic strip with legendary artwork. Some of the best I've ever seen. Cream has done it again so download this now!!


All the Creamy credits go to this bunch of talented folk :
Abyss - Code | Agent T - Graphics | Candyman - Code, Music (End part) | Tao - Music

Atari STe demos playlist ( link )  |  Atari chiptune playlist ( link)
- Demo Encyclopaedia -

Monday, May 04, 2015


Today is a bank holiday and I wanted to play something on my Atari ST while it's a big fat no-work day! So what could be better than either of these two platformers to blast away the hours? Turrican will always be a firm favourite of mine. It's a beautiful 8-ways scrolling platformer where you explore and shoot at everything in sight.

What about you guys? What's your equivalent favourite for the Atari ST?

Turrican on the Atari ST

Turrican II on the Atari ST