Tuesday, December 06, 2016

AtariCrypt Magazine!

Today, I am extremely proud to announce the availability of AtariCrypt Magazine. That's right folks, a brand new magazine STuffed to the brim full of 16-bit gaming goodness. It has been designed by none other than Darren Doyle and I'm sure you will appreciate his awesome, creative talent which promotes our reviews, interviews, and more.

So the joy of Christmas has come early for the Atari ST gamer! Best of all, this magazine is a free download to simply say a Mega ST thank you for supporting this humble website over recent years. I hope you all enjoy flicking through the world's newest Atari ST magazine and here's to more retro gaming in 2017 and beyond - Merry Christmas!


 - Clickety Click and download AtariCrypt Magazine. Feel free to comment here and leave your feedback!
 - Although the magazine is completely free there is the voluntary option to buy it via PayPal so just click & ask.
 - What? This isn't enough and you still want more? Wow, what tough cookies! Okay try these:
          > How about a massive A1-sized poster for your bedroom wall? Go on, you know you want to!
          > Reading Power Without The Price ... hmm that sounds quite familiar!
          > Check out Darren's Atari ST magazines and also the new AtariNomical 2017 Calander.