Friday, November 19, 2021


Dungeon Master in Space?

This is Xenomorph by Pandora, a 3D RPG that I'm going to be playing for eternity and thus will never get around to completing. But, I wanted to map it and share that with the world. Sadly, I don't think that will ever happen with life getting in the way. But it's a brilliant RPG and something that everyone should take a stab at because it's far more than simply "Dungeon Master in space". It's an exciting and unique adventure in its own right - plus the visuals are quite literally outstanding and probably the best of any similar 3D RPG available for the Atari ST.

Many moons ago, I found a map of this game on the internet which I hope you will find as helpful as I currently am (all credit for the mapping goes to Thiima). Anyhow, I've zipped it up along with the manual and some hints (again, ripped from the net). I just wanted to share what I had found, so get that downloaded and play this superb game.

Here are thumbnails taken from the PDF within the above download. Tempted to play now? I really hope so...