Tuesday, February 15, 2022


Argh, I keep saying Toggle!

Decades after being told the Atari ST had died, here is yet another brand new game thanks to Côté Gamers. It's a puzzler by demo crews Dune (José Martins) and Sector One (François Galea & Denis Huguet). Each screen has a 5x5 board of large square tiles and the challenge is to flip these in order to display the correct pattern.

This is done by group selecting a particular number of tiles and flipping them over until you obtain the desired pattern correctly shown opposite. You are able to select these tiles in either a vertical or horizontal line and not diagonally. I know, I know, this all sounds like a really superficial idea and one that is probably very easy too?

Well, wait a minute because you're only allowed x number of moves (indicated on the right) and that means staring at the screen - before making a stupid mistake - as each action must always be correct. Yes, Toogle is very demanding but it would be boring if it were easy. Are you ready to be tortured and entertained in equal measure?

Wanna check out a screenshot? It ain't no Enchanted Land, but that's a good thing, right?

Level 6 is actually one of the easier boards to fix. It's almost like the game is spelling out a word ;-)

Six Juicy Tips

1) Take a gander at the instructions in the title menu for initial guidance.
2) Toogle is very simple, but that doesn't mean you should go rushing in like an idiot.
3) Stop. Look at the screen for what feels like an eternity and think.
4) Mull over each move that you might be thinking about - how will that affect the next move?
5) Take care to note how many moves you're allowed. A cruel but necessary limitation.
6) Basically, you're dead unless you can think like a Vulcan. Or reboot the ST!

Basically, this is a game of learning. Then trial and error. And then more trials and more errors but, it's always entertaining and has that addictive factor you cannot deny. In other words, this game puts you through agony but somehow you keep on coming back for more! Just take your time, think and you'll get the hang of it. Or cry trying.

Okay, let's take a gander at another funky screenshot...

I was proud of myself for finally completing this one. Only took about 25 attempts!


Graphics are by Mic of Dune so everything looks very cheerful with colourful, bold visuals. I don't know of many games that have a scroller and jazzy background smoothly whizzing about all over the screen - is this a demo or a game? Either way, Toogle looks downright superb and crammed with 16-bit sex appeal without any distraction.

Music has been composed by Mathieu Stempell, aka DMA-SC, and he's given us two outstanding chiptunes which are both absolutely chip-tastic!! You can listen to either tune, at any time, by pressing the F1/F2 keys. Never ever press F3. Yep, killer tunes once again and my only gripe is wanting more from this incredible musician.

I thing this is possibly the best-looking and best-sounding puzzler ever made. Stunning stuff!!

I got so close to beating this screen. I'll smash it next time!!

The CryptO'pinion?

I'm often sceptical of puzzle games, as they often require so much time and effort from the player and I'm the kinda guy who gets bored very easily! However, Toogle is actually as sweet as it is sour with an elegant design hiding its devious soul. Level 3 had me stumped for a lot longer than I care to admit but I breezed through the next - only to be stumped on the fifth for even longer. Oh, the agony of that screen is almost too unbearable.

If you're reading this and wondering why I would purchase something so sinister. Think again. Toogle is unique in many respects and a tough brainteaser that entertains by design. I love its style so, if puzzlers are your thang, then I highly advise you to head over to Côté Gamers website and grab yourself a boxed copy.

Sigh, I doubt that I'll beat all the puzzles or reach level 99? Hang on, there's an envelope inside the box...

The box is nice and I love the colours plus today I finally learned what 'jeu' means... doh!

Hmm, I wonder what sadistic reason Cote Gamers had for sealing this envelope? ;-)

Guys, this is the one time you really must read the flipping manual!!

The disk design is superb but "a 3D printed stress reliever". What's one of those? heh