Monday, December 19, 2022

Cybernoid maps

We're back!

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I last updated my website. Due to different reasons, I've had little time to play and write reviews, which meant putting everything on hold. In fact, 2022 was even the year I almost threw in the towel but things are getting better so I'm back and ready for ST action. Hey, wasn't that a magazine?

Anyhow, whilst playing a couple of ST games, I came up with the notion of making maps. Now, if you've been following AtariCrypt for a while, you shall already know that I'm a sucker for making maps with pen and paper. I guess these are more like rough scribbles in Steve-talk? That is great for me but, I wanted to make something 'better'.

As you have guessed, I have begun my quest with the Hewson blaster, Cybernoid. Ignoring the peculiar slowdown, this is a brilliant shooter and I'm a big fan. The ST game is a remarkable conversion developed by Tony Cooper with challenging gameplay and superb graphics plus audio that lovingly bursts the eardrums with stunning chip music. Okay, there is the odd killer screen which discourages some gamers - I don't get it, haven't they heard of infinite lives?

The mighty D-Bug have a sumptuous version featuring their excellent presentation style.
The man himself (PP) has adapted Cybernoid for hard drive installation.
Atari Legend has an excellent review, which is more than my lazy website can offer! :}
Eurogamer has an interview with Raffaele Cecco creator of the original game.
(sadly, I've not been able to source anything similar for Tony Cooper)

I must say, this new mapping venture has begun strong and I'm proud of myself for completing the first three levels. However, the fourth has a killer screen that I cannot beat. No matter how much I try, it's simply too tricky for my meagre gaming skills. So I'm leaving it be (before I violently damage my already-dodgy joystick in anger). Can't win 'em all but, I must admit, I've done better than I originally imagined. So yeah, I'm happy with how this turned out.

Here are the Hi-Res images that I know you're all itching to grab and print out - thx Atari Legend for hosting!!

Merry Christmas and I wish everyone all the beST for 2023. Heck, even the Commodore boys too ;)

Level one is shockingly easier than most people think. If I can do it...

Careful timing and furious fire button-bashing are required more than ever for the second level!

Nobody will ever play Cybernoid without infinite lives and the third level demands that so much!!

This part of level 4 is oddly incomplete because I'd overwritten my saved game... :(

I really enjoyed level 4, right up until THAT screen. I never managed to beat it :(

Greetings to all of our supporters, but especially Loggins, Tweety, Mug UK, Marko Latvanen & Peter Putnik for their friendship whilst AtariCrypt has been off the air - a fantaSTic community!! Thank you :)

Okay, get playing Cybernoid and let me know in the comments below if you managed to beat level 4.