Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Black Tiger

Black Tiger is one of those games I have loved since it was first released. Well, today I played it once again, after what feels like a lifetime away, and it's still a good arcade conversion. Sadly, my old joystick doesn't work well moving diagonally so you'll see lots of silly mistakes in my recording. Honestly, it's the joystick (I hate it!).

This game is classic arcade fun - pick up that joystick and instantly you're having tons of fun leaping over monsters and pummelling them into oblivion. Each level not only looks superb but is really interesting to explore: I love the simple mechanics of clinging onto ledges to fire or leap towards higher places in this dingy and creepy world. What a great adventure - arcade-style - and is proving to be every bit as good as I remembered.

Weee!! Leap your way through the labyrinth, clinging to anything that may help ya...

However, I must say that the joystick controls are what impress me the most which is no easy task for a one-button stick! They are immediately responsive so therefore keep the action going as fast as it should. The range of monsters is brilliant and what's better than powering-up with ridiculous weapons to crush your enemy?

Graphically, this is a stunner and considering no STe hardware scrolling is used (which is sad) the old STf keeps up with the pace perfectly. There is always so much going on and the scrolling is both fast and smooth with gorgeous sprites - I love those wonky old skeletons. However, it's the overall design which I adore because it just works so feels like a belting arcade experience. Stunning atmosphere and an all-round fantastic home conversion.

Oh no, skeleton monsters!!! KILL THEM. In fact, why not blast everything? It's fun!

Overall, this is pretty faithful to the original and I feel US Gold did us proud, especially considering they ignored the STe hardware... sigh... which would have been a huge deal with a little help from the Blitter. Still, it's fantastic to fun and is one of my personal favourite Atari ST arcade conversions. Which means it scores top marks from me!!

Download either the floppy disk via Old Games Finder or the hard disk version by Klaz!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Atari STe demos

Awesome Atari STE demos!!

Circus BackSTage (link) (by BlaBLa, Cocoon & Sector One)
Appendix (link) (by Dead Hackers Society)
Cernit Trandafir (link) (by Dead Hackers Society)
Drone (link) (by Dead Hackers Society)
Massacre (link) (by Dead Hackers Society)
Strange roboTS (link) (by BlaBLa & Mandarine)
Summer Delights (link) (by Dead Hackers Society)



Sunday, December 21, 2014

Killing Spree

I always loved The Lost Boys, they were like England's answer to the Carebears and their demos where absolutely out of this world. I remember my jaw dropping to the floor when they released Ooh Crikey Wot a Scorcher. What a technical masterpiece this is and their menu system to access each screen was rather unique, to say the least!

Hmm, but what if that was adapted into a game? Would it work? Take a look for yourself at Killing Spree...