Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Black Tiger

Black Tiger is one of those games I have always loved even though I would stumble during a silly place like jumping across a gap, only to fall to my hideous death! Today I played it again, after what feels like a lifetime away, and it's still a brilliant arcade conversion. An awesome release by US Gold and one of my fave Atari ST games, ever!

Download from AtariMania or the hard disk installable version from Klaz

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Atari STe demos

Awesome Atari STE demos!!

Circus BackSTage (link) (by BlaBLa, Cocoon & Sector One)
Appendix (link) (by Dead Hackers Society)
Cernit Trandafir (link) (by Dead Hackers Society)
Drone (link) (by Dead Hackers Society)
Massacre (link) (by Dead Hackers Society)
Strange roboTS (link) (by BlaBLa & Mandarine)
Summer Delights (link) (by Dead Hackers Society)