Sunday, January 18, 2015



This isn't a review. I simply needed to vent about this awesome shoot 'em up which many Atari ST gamers seem to hate. I admit, Psygnosis has given us ST nutters more than our fair share of lazy ports but many include Menace in their rants. And this is something I strongly disagree with albeit with that odd yellow ship!!

Menace scrolls along perfectly with large sprites and colourful scenery against the dead of space as a background. Sound effects are darn cool and we have gorgeous David Whittaker chiptunes which instantly get you tapping your feet. Controls are responsive and precise with gameplay that is fast, smooth and bucket loads of fun. This is an extremely addictive shooter with that "just one more go" appeal. Fantastic game!!

Both floppy and hard drive games are available at Klaz's Hideaway :-)

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