Sunday, January 11, 2015

Turbo Cup

Turbo Cup was released back in 1988 by the mighty Loriciel. It's a racer which places you behind the wheel of a Porsche 944 driving a practice run before moving up to a thrilling race against computer-controlled competitors. There are some neat physics at work to prevent it from ever being easy, so learn to slow down when cornering. It's no sim but it is a tough cookie and one that will take a time to master, especially on those extreme bends.

I remember when I first saw pictures of Turbo Cup and I almost drooled over their high quality because it didn't appear bland nor blocky and had a next-gen feel to it. I do love the drivers perspective which really does help better your view down the track. Sound effects are equally gorgeous and feature the roar of that powerful Porsche engine to compliment those lush visuals. Back in 1988, I admit that Turbo Cup's difficulty got the better of me but today I've learned to appreciate the finer details of what is undoubtedly an Atari ST classic racer. It's simple racing and bucket loads of fun, yet without ever being too easy and most certainly a highly recommended trip down memory lane!


 - I've recorded a great video of Turbo Cup for ya'll to enjoy!
 - 8BitChip have an essential download which is hard drive installable.
 - Old Games Finder has all the floppy disk images you could ever need.