Sunday, January 11, 2015

Turbo Cup

Turbo Cup was released back in 1988 by the mighty Loriciel and places us behind the wheel of a Porsche 944. First, we get to drive a practice run before moving up to the thrilling race events against computer-controlled competitors. What I love is the player's view as the perspective is quite unique and helps give the illusion of a great view down the track. There are some neat physics at work which prevents it from ever being easy so perhaps you should take those corners a little slower? It's no sim but it's still a tough cookie and one that will take a time to master.

The graphics are still superb today and, even though I'm no Porsche fan, I think this is one of the best looking 16-Bit racers. Sound effects are equally nice with the roar of that powerful engine which beats the YM buzz used in lesser titles. Overall, Turbo Cup is hard and will take many attempts before you've mastered the control mechanics but stick with it and you've got yourself a great racer for a few hours of fun.


 - 8BitChip have hard drive installable version to download.
 - Old Games Finder has all the floppy disk images you could ever need.

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