Sunday, January 11, 2015

Turbo Cup


Turbo Cup was released in 1988 by Loriciel and places us behind the wheel of a Porsche 944. First, we get to drive a practice run before moving up to the thrilling race events against computer-controlled competitors. The graphics are still great and, even though I'm no Porsche fan, I think it's one of the best-looking 16-Bit racers. Sound effects are equally nice with the roar of that engine which beats the YM buzz used in lesser titles.

What I love is the player's point of view because the perspective is quite unique and gives an illusion of a greater view. There are also some neat physics which prevent the race from being easy, so perhaps you should take the corners a little slower? It's no sim but it's still a tough cookie and one that will take a time to master.

Overall, Turbo Cup is a hard racer and will take many attempts before you've mastered the control mechanics. Stick with it and you've got yourself a great racer for a few hours of fun which looks and sounds great. Love it.

8BitChip has a hard drive installable version to download.
Old Games Finder has all the floppy disk images you could ever need.

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