Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cybernoid - The Fighting Machine

Cybernoid is a game developed by a legend. Someone who repeatably rocked the 8-bit world, Raffaele Cecco. I was a Spectrum owner back then and it seemed everyone was crazy about him and his games, rightly so. However, there have been too many dodgy 16-bit conversions so I was more than a little dubious upon first loading up Cybernoid.

The 16-bit conversion was handled by Tony Cooper and is amazing. Offering (almost) the same level of thrills as the original, its gameplay is smooth with comfortable controls which are responsive throughout each of the spruced-up screens. Yes, graphically, this is head and shoulders above the original Speccy game with eye-popping colours and lovely animations. The sound effects are a joy, accompanied by a fantastic chiptune.

However, this is one tough cookie. No, it's a damn tough nut cookie!! It will take most gamers many attempts to master its cruel playability. It's especially annoying when enemies can seem to fire their weapons through solid walls or objects. But stick with it because Cybernoid is awesome, almost as good as the original and ultra addictive.

Crack the cunning learning curve and you've got yourself a wonderful and challenging game!

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