Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cybernoid - The Fighting Machine

Cybernoid is a game developed by a legend. Someone who repeatably rocked the 8-bit world, Raffaele Cecco. I was a Spectrum owner back then and it seemed everyone was crazy about him and his games, rightly so. However, there have been too many dodgy 16-bit conversions so I was more than a little dubious upon first loading up Cybernoid.

The 16-bit conversion was handled by Tony Cooper and is amazing. Offering the same level of thrills as the original with smooth gameplay and controls which are comfortable and responsive throughout all the spruced-up screens. Graphically, it's head and shoulders above the Speccy with eye-popping colours and lovely animation. The sound effects are a joy, accompanied by a fantastic chiptune theme. Be warned, it's tough and could put off some but take the time to learn its finicky personality. It will certainly take several attempts to master but that only means the replay aspect is huge. Cybernoid is awesome, ultra addictive and is still a cracking challenge you will love.


 - My video recording for your extreme pleasure!
 - Klaz's Hideaway has a version that can be installed to hard drive or floppy disk.
 - Yes, of course you can find Cybernoid within the Atari Mania database.