Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Erik is a kind and peaceful Viking who happens to keep himself to himself and bothers nobody. Unfortunately, that evil god Loki isn't too pleased about Erik choosing a pacifistic lifestyle over one of pillaging so he casts a spell and turns the world rotten. Erik must now travel these infested lands and battle all kinds of sadistic evil before he can return to a time of peace and quiet.

Atlantis Software released Erik back in 1992 and its a vertically scrolling platformer that features dozens of levels spread over four worlds. Each level contains numerous baddies, lots of cool traps and scary end of level bosses. The graphics are so cute and cuddly with lots of details and super smooth scrolling. At heart, this is a really simple platformer with little to complicate its gameplay. The controls are perfect, very responsive and the mechanics work so well. Erik isn't exactly original but it is so much fun and very challenging, on the later levels. I really enjoy this game!


 - AtariMania has Erik listed within their ST database.
 - Klaz and his hideaway have a download which can be installed to hard drive!
 - I've recorded a video which demonstrates extreme gaming skills. Or not.