Saturday, May 21, 2016

Lure Of The Temptress

The story begins with you waking up one day, only to find yourself locked away in a creepy dungeon. You are a peasant called Diermot who was previously part of an attempt to free the village of Turnvale from Selena and her army of Orc lookalikes, called Skorls. Sadly, that campaign ended in tragedy and everyone was killed! Whilst the bloodshed reigned, you bumped your noggin and was knocked unconscious only to be easily captured. Upon waking, you find yourself banged up in jail with a rather bad tempered Skorl as your guard!!

Lure Of The Temptress is something with which to become lost in as you immerse yourself within this wonderfully crafted adventure. It's taking place within a gorgeous Olde English setting and is a point & click adventure fully controlled using your mouse, which works incredibly well. Left button guides your character around the screen but can also display status and object information. With the right button, you can issue commands that easily allow you to interact with characters and much more. I must admit, this system is well designed, intuitive and easy to master. Quite possibly one of the best I've seen in a game of this ilk.

Gameplay is experienced in real-time with the populous merrily going about their daily business to help set the atmosphere perfectly. Having woken up in jail, your first task is to escape so it's fortunate Skorl's aren't the brightest bulbs in the box and easily fooled. Throughout, your progress will be down to careful exploration, examination, and communication so pick up every object because you never know when you might need it. Do also talk to everyone and see what information they can reveal and sometimes somebody might ask you to do them a favour before divulging helpful information.

The world is populated by some of the most entertaining characters, a delightful characteristic which will certainly win your heart. There are so many fascinating people to meet and all help make your adventure enthralling and utterly addictive. Just start a chat with someone in a tavern, for example, a dialogue guaranteed to entertain! This charm and charisma are displayed early on as you rescue a fellow inmate called Ratpouch who immediately becomes a loyal friend. He is such great company and will often try to help, but watch out because he doesn't half get himself into trouble by saying the silliest of things to other characters. Usually, in a pub - such a mischievous guy and I like him!

My advice? Talk to everyone, listen to the information provided and get ready to make lots of notes. Remember, chat to everyone you come across. Yes, even those that may resemble a street bum or a wacko in a pub, knitting! You never know with this huge adventure, so many twists and turns are cunningly interwoven into its storyline. Heck, you may even fall in love... :x

Lure Of The Temptress is one of the most visually stunning games I've ever played. The artwork is an absolute joy and perfectly sets the mood for a medieval scene. The characters move and walk with smooth animation and I just love those intricate details, like the bird which sits on the fence for a few moments before flying off. A simple mechanic but it is also so impressive. Sound effects are the only weakness but please don't misunderstand me because they are beautiful and made up of high quality sampled sounds. However, there are also some screens which don't have any sound at all and I personally found this disappointing, in comparison to the rest of the game.

Overall, Lure Of The Temptress is most certainly an impressive adventure and one you will love getting to grips with. It's funny, it's entertaining, it has a great storyline, and it will take over your life. Personally, I would rank it as one of the best adventures on any computer and is only a pinch away from perfection! One of my favourite Atari ST games.


 - Here is my video recording which shows you how the initial dungeon scene is completed. I also included a few cunning hints to places around the village that may help you out. Watch carefully and I hope it helps you guys a little!
 - I also found this cool image on the internet which nicely maps the village.
 - 8BitChip has adapted a version for Ultrasatan / hard drive installation!
 - No hard drive? Then instead check out Old Games Finder for the floppy version.
 - ST Format featured a superb walk-through in issue #67 / page 83

Luther, the handy blacksmith
time for a change?
Ratpouch in the pub!
they think it's all over . . .