Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Atari Super Pack

Snippets from each game and even some cool Zynaps skills on show. Watch this. Be jealous!!

Atari's Super Pack giveaway!

Well, I finally got around to finishing what took a lot longer than I originally thought. Yep, I completed the task of reliving Christmas 1988 by playing Atari's Super Pack and it all started with this article (click & read) :p

To be honest, I probably played the games a lot more this time around. Back in the 80s, I would have spent the most time on Buggy Boy, Beyond The Ice Palace or Xenon? I doubt I would have had the patience for Marble Madness nor the desire to spend hours on Quadralien. BTW, each game is searchable if you look to the right > >

The Atari Super Pack ( 1988 UK )

  1. Arkanoid II - Pure old skool gaming and it is brilliant.
  2. Beyond The Ice Palace - Blondes really do have more fun!
  3. Black Lamp - Faster turning would have made this perfect.
  4. Buggy Boy - Come on, who doesn't LOVE this arcade racer?
  5. Chopper X - Turn down the volume... and it's still rubbish!
  6. Eddie Edwards Super Ski - It's fun wearing milk-bottle lenses!
  7. Ikari Warriors - A classic arcade conversion.
  8. Marble Madness - Not my cuppa tea and a buggy lame port.
  9. Quadralien - A great game to dig your heels into this!!
  10. Ranarama - Gauntlet, for those who enjoy using their brain?
  11. Return To Genesis - Swoosh, I'm dead! Whoosh, I'm dead!
  12. Road Wars - There's always one...
  13. Seconds Out - Then again, make that two!
  14. Starquake - What a belting ZX Spectrum conversion.
  15. Summer Olympiad - Good fun but needed a few more events.
  16. Test Drive - Yeah, it's time for a road trip in my new Corvette.
  17. Thrust - Come on, this is a beauty. Love it!!
  18. Thundercats - A bit wooden and far too difficult. Whhhhhhy??
  19. Wizball - A corker, if you master its massive learning curve!
  20. Xenon - It's all about level one for me. A great game.
  21. Zynaps - Thanks to Hewson we ended on a massive high!

So, which game won my heart?

Wow, that is a tough question alright. But, IF I'm in the mood for something of a platformer then it's no contest: Beyond The Ice Palace wins hands down. A shooter? Zynaps! Also, Buggy Boy is a great old skool arcade racer. However, the Super Pack is diverse in content and quality so I feel the need to push for a decision!!

Okay, cue "Whole Lotta Love" because my Top Of The ST Pops desert island floppies would probably be...

The CryptO'pinion?

Well, this has been enormous fun over the last few months and it certainly proves that Atari went that extra mile in the 80s. What a giveaway it was - 21 incredible games AND an Organiser too (Woo, fun times). Anyhow, my Super Pack mission is now over with so let's see what else is lurking within the Atari ST archives throughout 2020...

I hope you guys have enjoyed this run through the Super Pack? Let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. Love this review. I prefer the arkanoid - i played it the arcades when it emerged. I also loved Ikari Warriors at the arcades but it was a travesty on the ST.

    1. Doubt they'd ever successfully fudge the controls any better. I know what you mean in that respect but I still disagree cos IW is suuuuperb!

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