Monday, February 24, 2020

Van Eijk Collection

I love finding Atari ST/e demos which I've not seen in years (or had forgotten about) and here is one which I enjoyed many moons ago... but somehow forgotten about!! It's called Van Eijk Collection and was developed by Van Eijk back in 1994 - a time when most of us had powered off the ST to play the mighty Doom. Sigh...

Anyhow, this is a collection of screens featuring dots, colour cycling, and a familiar tune you will simply adore. I think much of the demo was developed in GFA Basic but I'm only going off the scroller text - so I might be wrong? Presentation is a little sluggish and a few screens are dated, but there is also many which I did enjoy - that morphing is superb. All text is in Polish so don't expect to read anything - unless you're Polish of course!

This and many other Atari ST videos are on my YouTube Channel.
Credits & download links can be found on Demozoo or AtariMania. Crank up the volume! 🎧


  1. Beautiful demo. Technically good with entertaining tunes. It's typical of what we could find in the the mid 90s with the use of colours like purple, orange and blue.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Happy birthday dude!

  2. wow! 9:17 - Krzysztof Jedowski - It's me ;)