Saturday, February 13, 2016

MOD Players

Atari STe MOD / Tracker Players


BackTrack - I wasn't too sure about this at first but I cannot deny its playback quality and the selectable frequencies is a brilliant idea that will be useful on every model of Atari. The audio playback sounds great, especially at 50KHz - but you might need a Mega STe for that!! (v4.04 - released 1993 - by Wizzcat)

CD Player STE - This is just like a CD player from the 1990s. Just copy the MOD files into the same folder as the program and load it up. Obviously not a GEM program but something that works really well. Very effective and with a fantastic interface - leave it running while you work! (released 1990 - by Light)


DBE Player - Another GEM program to punch out your favourite MODS. The quality is excellent and has a decent playlist feature but it's pretty demanding of the basic model STe (v2.0 - released 1999 - by Sector One)

The MusicPlayer - Ignoring its quirky GEM interface (which is odd) I thought this program produced good sound quality and even supports 50KHz / 8 channels! (v1.0 - released 1994 - by Christian Dahl)


Sirius Player - This is another that refuses to use GEM and replaces that with its own beautiful UI and what a gorgeous player it is!! The sound quality is Grade A with support for 50KHz thus proving a normal 8MHz STe can handle outside of GEM. Also, 8-channel MODS can be played using features like presets /etc/etc. Don't forget to press the HELP key for all of the options. This is my favourite program of the lot because its playback quality is literally mind-boggling!! (v2.0 - released 2001 - by TSCC 2001)

Paula - A great program that makes you wish you'd have bought a Mega STe for that extra grunt! This is yet another example of the sound quality an Atari STe can produce - and in GEM too. My thanks to Pavel Puchala for alerting me to the freeware release! (v2.6 - released 1999 - by Pascal Fellerich)


JAM - A true jack of all trades which works either in GEM or using its own frontend GUI. It features a neat plugin architecture so lots of different file types are support - not just MODs but various chiptunes. This is absolutely fascinating and JAM always produces excellent sounds! (v1.0 - released 2000 - by Cream)


This page proves nothing. Well, except that the Atari STe can easily handle these lovely Amiga MODs with quality playback no matter what program you decide to download. They're all great, it just depends on your own needs: if you need a GEM player then any of the above is a good choice to install onto your hard drive. JAM is always great and can handle a wide variety of files too. Ultimately, I think Sirius is best and I tend to use that the most.

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