Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tracker Toons

I had an Amiga friend back in the 80s... he was promptly shot for that decision and I still miss him today. Anyhow, I remember the time he flaunted a new type of music from something called a 'MOD'. With the Atari STe, we had caught up and I have fond memories using ProTracker with its 50Khz playback that knocks the spots of an Amiga!

ST / STe / MSTE tracker apps

 - Oszi is a jaw-dropping program that not only plays 8-channel mods but also supports 50KHz with features like microwire presets. Don't forget to press the HELP key to see all the options available. A superb player - you must download Oszi! (v2.0 - released 2001 - by TSCC 2001)

 - Paula is a nice GEM program offering decent playback but at the expense of high CPU usage on a basic 8MHz computer. Paula still appears to be shareware, so it will need a registration key but overall it worked very well. (v2.6 - released 1999 - by Pascal Fellerich)

 - CD Player STE is a virtual CD media player which is a cool idea and well executed. Either copy it into the same folder as your MOD files or use a drag & drop method. Very effective and with a simple interface that works very well. (released 1990 - by Light)

 - BackTrack first appears a pretty lame GEM program but don't be deceived because it is actually darn cool and performs really well. It sounds great and supports 50KHz playback - what more could you ever want? (v4.04 - released 1993 - by Wizzcat)

 - The MusicPlayer has a quirky interface, but don't judge a book by its cover because it actually delivers audio great quality and features 50KHz support over 8-channel tunes. I rate this as a fantastic player! (v1.0 - released 1994 - by Christian Dahl)

 - JAM is a true jack of all trades with that awesome plugin architecture. Tracker playback works superbly but I personally prefer it for chip-tunes, if I'm honest. But that's probably just me... (v1.0 - released 2000 - by Cream)

 - DBE Player is a GEM program that plays tunes extremely well and is actually up and running right now as I type this text! #awesome (v2.0 - released 1999 - by Sector One)

Mod file downloads

Finding .mod files today is easy and doesn't require buying floppies from a PD Library! Check out these websites : Demovibes + The MOD Archive + World Of Game Mods. However, the best place to grab any Atari-related tunes is off Fading Twilight. This archive is by Stefan Benz and now integrated into the magnificent Fujiology!!