Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Put on your sunglasses!

Jake is a rather odd-looking fella who exterminates bugs in a fantastic fantasy world of weirdness. However, this is as much as I currently know - because I've never played this game before! Verminator is here because of it's pixel art - which is jaw-dropping. So it wasn't long into the first game that I wanted to make this post for our PixelArt section.

Actually, Verminator is granted VIP access because of Nigel Brownjohn's outstanding artistry. He used incredibly bold and rich colours with fine attention to detail for the sprites and backgrounds. This has to be one of the most gorgeous 16-bit games ever created? So perhaps I take time to play it? Yes, I think so too... Watch this space!

8BitChip has the hard drive version and Old Games Finder has the floppies.
Trusteft recorded a video and seemed pretty much impressed by this beautiful game.

Verminator took my breath away when I first booted it up. Ohhh, look at the sexy colours!

Ignoring the detail and colour, this reminds me of the Wally games on my Spectrum.

Hang on, is that a hammer? Let's beat the enemy like a psycho!!

Nigel Brownjohn knew how to use the palette to get the most from low-res. Impressive.

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