Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Mario's Quest

Mario's Quest was released in 1993 by Dean Sharples of Silly Software and is basically a Hunchback clone. However, this time we're an unofficial clone of that ridiculous Italian plumber but the gameplay remains pretty much the same. The screens feature lots of tricky jumps, pesky platforms or annoying arrows trying to kill you.

I adore the humble visuals which use a cool 8-Bit design and the music is superb too. However, the controls are far too sensitive so judging exactly where a platform ends - without falling to your death - is nigh on impossible.

Sadly, Mario's Quest one of the most frustrating games I have played. An infuriating platformer!


  1. I agree, the worst Mario game ever written and the programmer should be shot.

    Whoops...I am the programmer (oh dear).

  2. Nope. No plans. Got worse games to write. If that's possible 😁