Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Mario's Quest

Mario's Quest was released in 1993 by Dean Sharples of Silly Software and is basically a Hunchback clone but this time we're that ridiculous Italian plumber I've always hated! As you would expect, there are tricky jumps, pesky moving platforms and annoyingly well-timed flying arrows coming our way. Gee, this sounds like great fun?

Well, I admit I did get some level of enjoyment from Mario's Quest as I like the 8-Bit look along with the superb music. However, the controls are too sensitive so trying to judge just where a platform ends - without falling your death - is nigh on impossible. Later screens feature moving platforms, flying arrows and wider gaps to hop over thus making Mario's Quest one of the most frustrating games I have ever played. Beware of this infuriating platformer!


  1. I agree, the worst Mario game ever written and the programmer should be shot.

    Whoops...I am the programmer (oh dear).