Monday, February 05, 2018


It's killing time!

KillThings, by Orm of Digi Tallis, is a 3D first-person shoot 'em up in a similar vein to something like Wolfenstein. Alas, it was never finished, but it is still very playable and I'm impressed by the speed of its 3D engine which is both fast and fluent. What's more, is the mapping screen which works just like the one seen in Doom - love it!!

Sadly, it's unfinished and there is no audio effects and also little to do other than wander stark corridors looking for a bug-eyed stickman to kill. Still, the potential is staggering when you think about what's completed for this development release. I wonder how it might have ended? Oh, there is a level editor if you're feeling bravely creative? Go on, I dare 'ya.

Whilst the gameplay is whizzing about above, let's check out a couple of screenshots of the map and editor...

The mapping tool works like a dream, much like we saw in Doom!

Why not design your own levels using the editor?

The CryptO'pinion?

KillThings was never going to replace Wolfenstein or Substation but I'm fascinated by oddities like this lurking within our archives. Plus I'm impressed with the hopes and dreams of what this developer wanted to create back in the day. But that makes it worse when these ideas die before getting completed. The 'readme' explains a great deal.

But fear not, at least we have this demo which is rather neat and certainly shows what might have been if completed. It's rather cool and can be downloaded from their website, along with the level editor and much more.

I hope that one day, Orm gets back to this project because it's funky cool with massive potential. Enjoyed this!

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