Sunday, February 11, 2018

Killing Machine

Killing Machine is a vertically scrolling shooter by Atlantis Software and released in 1992. We're on a remote planet controlled by a giant brain who identifies you (and your sassy spaceship) as nothing less than an invading bacteria. Vermin, that needs to be wiped out!! The battlefield spans over three levels and is stuffed full of kamikaze enemies out for blood - so don't expect a cakewalk because it demands lightning-fast reactions. And plenty of luck.

The first thing that struck me was the graphics which are uniquely colourful using a sweet palette. The smooth scrolling is slow and steady with impressive enemy sprites zipping across the screen. Sound effects go beyond mere bleeps for some rather raspy samples. Okay, they're not the greatest but the grunge works well.

Killing Machine is brutal and requires lots of practice before you begin to get close to beating the first level. This is a painful learning curve but collecting the power-ups and learning the enemy attack patterns is a must. Don't die a suckers death! Overall, this is a darn nice shoot 'em up and I've really enjoyed it. Recommended.

Stonish has the floppy disks (Pure Energy #53) and 8BitChip has a version for hard disk installation.
AtariMania has this listed in their archive along with scans of the instructions manual.

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